How Does Leah Really Feel Now That The New Baby Has Arrived?

February 11, 2013 by StayceeLuhrain91  
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She expresses her true feelings via Twitter.

 Leah and Jeremy’s daughter was born on February 5th and since then, none of the family has said ANYTHING regarding their bundle of joy. February 9th was the FIRST time Leah spoke out and expressed her true feelings on being a new mom yet again. She tweeted,

“My family means everything to me! #soblessed! <3 @calvert505!”

Maybe there will be a season 5 after all since Leah has been hush hush on the situation??


I’d say Leah has found what she’s good at and is sticking it to it…being a mom that is. LOL. Some say she rushed the situation and others say the timing was perfect for the newlyweds. It really doesn’t matter if the couple DID rush things. They got married before this pregnancy. I just hope for her and her girls’ sakes that things do work out and her and Jeremy live a long happy life together. If not, that’s 3 innocent babies that hang in the balance and don’t need the drama that was played out between her last relationship fall out.

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