Health of Future Mothers

October 24, 2010 by srbasu  
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During Pregnancy a Woman must Make to Protect their Health.

During pregnancy a woman must make to protect their health. Because of her health and well-being depends on the health of her unborn child. Any illness mom somehow affects the health of the child. Particularly dangerous disease during pregnancy due to the fact that in this period should not take drugs because they can adversely affect child development. Therefore, the need to fear everything, even the most banal cold.

Doctors advised during pregnancy to avoid crowds, especially during the orgy of influenza and other viral diseases. Thus, we can reduce the risk of catching the disease.

Nutrition expectant mother should be as balanced, because the body feels the need for increased content of mineral trace elements and vitamins, which in turn helps to boost immunity of future mothers. Need to consume high-protein foods, which must be present as meat, fish, milk, eggs, cottage cheese.

If, however, failed to protect themselves and the common cold yet manifested itself, you need as quickly as possible to see a doctor. It should be remembered that taking drugs is extremely undesirable, especially in the first trimester, when there is a favorite of all the organs and systems of the child.

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