Had Sex with Cousin – Embarrassing Story Part One

December 27, 2012 by markstewart3  
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I accidentally had sex with my cousin…

When I was 17 we moved into Missouri. My mom told me that we had family down there and that they would come visit us on the weekend. Anyway I met this girl in my medical chemestry class and she was incredibly hot. It took me by suprise when she moved across the classroom to sit by me. A little while later I asked her if she wanted to go see a movie after school. We went and saw Hunger Games and sometime during movie we made out. And she was REALLY good at it. After the movie I asked her if she wanted to come over. We we got back to my house I prayed my mom wasn’t home. She wasn’t! We watched tv for a little bit and I started playing with the holes in her jeans. Eventually she said in a cute little voice, “Are you going to stop or am I going to have to stop you myself?” I said with a grin, “What are you gonna do?” She started ripping off my belt and things led from there. We ended up in my room and were laying down when I heard the garage door open. We got dressed quickly and walked down stairs. My mom was putting away groceries and she herd us coming down she said, “Hey who’s this?” I told her her name was leah and that I met her at school and that I invited her over to play xbox. “Oh okay.” We started walking back upstairs and she went back to putting the stuff away for a second, then looked back. “Wait leah?” “Yeah?” She called back. “Is your mother Christy?” “Um, yeah do you know her?” She laughed, “My goodness. Yes I do, I’m your Aunt Kelly.” My mouthed dropped. 

Part 2:

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