Follow Your Heart Forget The -in- Laws

June 19, 2011 by LizO92  
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Dealing with problems with your soon to be father or mother -in- law. Just let me say I so know what you are going threw.

I don’t know if I should be the one talking about mother and father -in- laws at such a young age but I have so much to vent out about it. I’m only 19, I’ve been with my boyfriend for already going on 5 years ( July 23) our bond together has been so great. His parents on the other side don’t have me on there good side. I have not done not one thing to disrespect them in any way for them to judge them the way they do today.My parents on the other hand LOVE my boyfriend. OK your probably at this point the title says mother and father -in- laws and she is saying boyfriend. He had given me a engagement ring this past Thursday but some things happened that day. We were planning on telling our parents that day it started off with my mother she was overly excited and happy for me like any other mother would be for their daughter. My father was glad and happy for me also. After we were done telling my family we went over to his parents house to announce the news. Right when we walk in his mother(boyfriend’s) starts yelling about stuff not being done around the house pretty much getting mad for any little thing ( a little FYI she isn’t employed why doesn’t she do the house work). Of Course my boyfriend just did what she was getting mad for so she could be quite. When she saw me she went up to me,”Lizzy we need to talk” so I said “OK sure”. In my head I’m like what do we need to talk about I haven’t done anything. Does she just want to talk? Is she bored? Or is she going to have a serious talk with me?  

I sat at the table with her and right away the evilness came out about how I’m the problem like ALWAYS. “Our son is spending to much time with you. He needs to rest. He can’t be at you hand and foot. He has stuff to do at the house.He needs to finish college. Why did he fail this past Spring term?(blamed me for him failing) Are you going to continue going to school?” Honestly this went on for hours I have been dealing with this with them for the past 4 years I have never been good enough for them. First they inform my boyfriend on what I need to do to gain their respect and so they could stop treating me the way they do. So you know I do that and they still argue about me. Seriously!!! 

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