Five Ways to Keep Your Pregnancy a Secret

December 16, 2009 by spunkyduckling  
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With the holidays nearby you might be asking yourself "how am I going to conceal my pregnancy" from friends and family alike? Read on for five tips on how you can hide your pregnancy…

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Keeping your pregnancy a secret depends on whether you’re willing to tell a white lie, the kind of person you are, how well you know yourself and more. For some women it is difficult to hide the fact that they are expecting from early on in the pregancy. For you what will it be?

If you’re seriously considering keeping your pregnancy a secret you might find the following tips useful:

Update your wardrobe.

Showing up in the same wardrobe is a dead giveaway that you’re pregnant. Buy clothing that are color cordinated. This will allow for you to mix and match your clothing. You could wear one shit and pants and then the same pants with a different shirt all in the same week. People will think its a different outfit. People will also pay less attention if your pants and skirts are darker in color than a noticable bright. Same goes for plain clothing versus patterned clothing.

Know yourself

Are you experiencing mood swings during your pregnancy? Then you need to have an alibi for when your moods kick in. Blame your behaviour on someone or something if it happens at the dinner table. Try excusing yourself or walking away if you think you’re going to snap at someone.

Tell a white lie

Not drinking alcohol? Men might be quicker to fool by telling them that you’re on an antiobiotic or some other sort of medication that requires you to eliminate alcohol from your diet. But women, especially the older heads are smarter than that. If you’re socializing out you could say something like “on the way here, my husband and I flipped a coin and I lost, so I have to drive us home tonight. Gosh I would really love to murder a drink but we’ve got plans tomorrow and  one of us need to drive and keep our head on for the next day.”

Change the subject

Whenever the questions arises “are you pregnant” or any “you’re expecting topic” change it. And refrain from smiling or giggling or laughing. Remember the eyes can be a giveaway. You can try slowly diverting the topic by saying “children are a lot of stress to handle and I’m not sure I”m ready for that”. Go on to speak about some incident of your friend and her child and the conversation should naturally move on..if it doesn’t give it a push by excusing yourself saying something like “I need to go speak to someone”.

Make Wise Appointments

By sheduling your doctor appointments early in the morning instead of taking time off from work to go for your appointments, or rushing after work hours to get to the doctor’s office on time, you will keep your co workers unsuspecting of your pregnancy. It will become less apprarent to them that you are pregnant even if they notice slight changes in your behavior, diet and your body.

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