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August 6, 2013 by VernonEElwell  
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Five things you need to ask your mom, your doctor, your mentor, and your financial advisor so that you have a better life.

I. Your Mom

1. Need how long for Mom to get pregnant?

If your mom having difficulty getting pregnant, then you are at risk of experiencing the same thing – especially if your mom problems related to ovulation or endometriosis, two factors are strongly associated with the gene.

2. How healthy is your mother?

Though if your grandmother is still alive, you may still be too young to remember the moments you depressed grandmother, or how he changed his diet after doctors diagnosed diabetes. By knowing your grandmother’s health history, you can begin to change your lifestyle disease long before symptoms appear.

3. Did she have a will?

This also applies to your father. Death and money is probably the two hardest things to talk about with parents. But to talk about it while they are still alive, you need not bother to take care of it when I was grief-stricken when they died later. At the time of this conversation, ask also some other things including ‘Where the father / mother storing important documents?’ Or ‘Is father / mother to be buried or cremated?’ Conclude with together enjoying a soothing cup of tea.

4. What is the hardest thing she ever did?

This will open a dialogue that can help you if you have to face a similar situation – whether it be a mother, divorce, struggling to prove themselves in the workplace or face a bad childhood.

5. What can I do for Mother now?

Whatever the answer, whether it is ‘teach the mother how to download music’ or ‘not again entrust your son here every night of the week’, but it provides the opportunity to tell your mom what she really wants from you would be a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day.

II. Your doctor

1. Is this really necessary?

Although your doctor may want to give the best to do all kinds of tests, ask them to explain why the test is needed, and what are the benefits for you.

2. What is the function of this drug?

You go to the doctor because of flu (or itching, or abdominal pain) and you get a prescription to treat diseases that you have suffered – but how often do you really know how to work the drug or why drugs would be effective? So ask.

3. Do I have a healthy weight?

If you are concerned with your weight, ask your doctor. You will get the answer you want, without any drama as if you hear the answer of the mother, brother, or your friends!

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