Everyday Working Mom

June 10, 2010 by T M Testerman  
Published in Motherhood

A loose poem about being the struggles facing an everyday, ordinary, not at all unusual, working mom.

She was so tired; her eyes so heavy, nearing the end of a long, long day. Would she make it? Was it possible she might succeed? Not even she could say. Walking in the door, so exhausted, limbs too heavy, somehow gravity had multiplied its pull since she got up. Does she lie down now, or keep moving, keep pushing? Does she take a rest and start refreshed? Does she even have that luxury? Time was ticking down, and she wasn’t ready. Attempting to take a moment to relax, it had already begun. Files to go through, clients to call; dinner needs making, pickup at the mall. Where is my tie hun, where is my hat? Where are my shoes mom, someone feed the cat. Company’s coming, the laundry’s not ready. The kids need lunch money, her head hurts already. Bills need to be paid, floors need to be swept. Call your mom, call your sister, obligations must be met. Does she oblige or should she scream? She’s just one woman, they seem to forget. She’s human, not super; but hasn’t cracked yet. She’s an everyday working mom, doing her best, without thank you or kisses, without any rest.

Thank you mom.

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