Embarrassing Underwear Check Three

August 7, 2012 by randomone  
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The most embarrassing way my mom checked my underwear.

I didn’t start wiping well even with her threatening to start doing underwear checks again and she soon started it again.  But this time the rule was different and way more embarrassing.  I was checked and spanked the same way as before, but there was a new rule added that if I had a stain the night before the next day I wouldn’t be allowed to wear clothes.  It was summer so she didn’t have to worry about me getting too cold nor about school.  On days when I was naked I would be checked for stains several times during the day and if I had one I would get a spanking, which often times meant multiple spankings each day.  I didn’t’ like that, but most of all it was the being naked all day around her and anyone else that came over that pushed me to wipe better so that it would stop.  Nearly a month after this started it stopped and my mom never had to do an underwear check with me again.  I don’t know if I would necessarily agree with my mom’s ways but I will definitely say they worked.

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