Don’t Touch My Pop Tarts: Mom Has Kid Arrested

May 23, 2013 by Norm Schneider  
Published in Motherhood

Some people take their junk food too seriously.

If your child does something wrong what do you do? Send him or her to the corner of the room? Have them put on a dunce cap? Cut off their allowance? Ground them for a week? If you choose any of the above you are really wimping out, at least compared to one mother in North Carolina who decided she’d had quite enough of her child’s terrible behavior and decided something radical needed to be done lest the child resort to some really, really bad behavior.

Drop The Pop Tart!

So, what was the terrible crime the child was accused of … wait for it … he helped himself to a couple of his mother’s Kellogg pop tarts. That’s right … the child dared to help himself to a couple of those frosted, filled with fake jam, dough enclosed treats that fill you up, but are of little nutritional benefit. And what was the punishment for such thievery? The mother decided to call the police and have the kid arrested. Yes, you are reading it correctly – the child was arrested on charges of larceny.

I’m not sure what it worse, the mother calling the police or the police actually arresting the child (don’t they have anything better to do?). And what did the police say was the sum total value of this case of larceny? A whole $5. The child is awaiting his day in juvenile court. Hm-m-m-m – is there an attorney who will take this case? Probably.

No Love In This Home

As for mom – one Latasha Renee Love (an ironic name if ever there was one) she is unapologetic about having her own son busted. Can you imagine what she would have done if her son had raided the cookie jar? We’re talking capital punishment here I’m sure. She says she’s been having “discipline” issues with her son and decided to teach him a lesson. I’m sure several lessons have been learned by her son, such as stay away from mom, keep an attorney on retainer, or ask the attorney to investigate the possibility of divorcing a parent.

As for Ms. Love, perhaps she ought to put her stash of junk food under lock and key, hire a security guard, or – more likely – enroll in some parenting or counseling program. It’ll do you and your son the world of good.

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