Did MTV Edit Maci to be a “Good Mom”?

March 10, 2013 by StayceeLuhrain91  
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Recent picture uploads have fans wondering.

Several fans have said that Maci is not as sweet as she was made to look on Teen Mom. Claims have been made that Maci lets Bentley run wild in stores and she’s rude to fans when approached out in public.Claims have also started surfacing that she is not this ‘Mommy Home Wart’ that she was on Teen Mom.

On the show, Maci went to school, work, and then home. We hardly ever saw Maci without Bentley unless she was at school or work. Or unless he was at Ryan’s. One of their biggest issues was Maci didn’t like the fact that Ryan was always out partying and most of those nights were nights he had Bentley.

But, ever since Teen Mom ended, we have seen more and more of Maci’s ‘wild side’ and fans have began to question whether MTV edited the good mom image or she was legitimately like that. Tons 

of pictures have been coming out {mostly from Maci herself and close friends} of her drinking and partying. For her 21st birthday, she partied every weekend for like a month. Her initial party was with her family and then she had one big bash and invited fans in the area to come.

So, has Maci’s ‘good mom’ image been tarnished by her partying or can she still be that mom AND party like she has?


In my honest opinion, I personally feel like if Bentley is with Ryan, then there should be no issues with her going out. She is legally of age to drink so, if Bentley is not there then Maci should be able to drink as well. I think the fans that have an issue with it are still picturing the Teen Mom Maci and not the Real Mom Maci. Tv does edit a lot of things and I believe Maci partied before and in some of the earlier episodes of Teen Mom, she went to visit her friends at college and met up with Kyle King and went to a bar/club.

Maci is entitled to her own life and she is entitled to an adult life. She is mommy 24/7 regardless of her age, Bentley’s age, and where he is for the night. But, Bentley is just as safe with Ryan as he is with Maci so, if she does decide to drink one night while Bentley is away, then who cares? I think the fact that fans are not sure WHERE he is at the time when the pictures are being broadcasted has a little bit to do with it. With Ryan it was made clear that he had Bentley and just threw him to his parents for the night while he went out to party. And I think some fans think Maci may do that from time to time.

But, again, who cares? If she does, isn’t she entitled to some free time and some time to relax? Just because she had Bentley at 16 does not mean she should be condemned for the rest of her life to a life at home and mommy duties. She would go crazy and I think her taking care of Bentley the way she did up until Teen Mom ended has a lot to do with why she is now partying. Bentley is 4 years old. Maci did a lot of that on her own. I think she’s still a good mom and has earned the time to ‘party’ every once in a while.

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