Dear: Leanne (Summer Chores)

June 20, 2011 by all4ucnc  
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Advice Column for summer times blues chores for the kids.

Dear:  Leanne,

I love my kids dearly, but I’m never gonna survive this summer. They are tearing my house apart and fighting. what do I do with them?


Summer Blues

Dear: Summer Blues.

  So you find yourselves grasping onto your hair in mid stream of a much needed scream. It’s summer, school is out and the kids are already fighting, and the house is a mess. You are not alone, take a deep breath.

     The secret to all successful structures; is routine. Not to say the little ones wont get to have any fun this summer, but if they are in need of releasing some energy, they may as well release it in a positive manner. Create a Chore Chart.  A simple chart with a couple chores that they can call their own.

     My youngest was five when she started hers. She empties the dryer, feeds the cat, and does the dusting (she loves the swiffer).  None of these chores take her very long, and she loves to place a sticker on the chart to indicate that she has completed her task. She also has a series of “untitled” rows that can be filled in with BONUS chores that are completed without being asked. Like helping to put groceries away, weeding, or putting clothes away.  The fun part about the “BONUS” chart is that once completed they receive a special treat; we do an ice cream date with the parent of their choice.

     The hardest yet most important thing to remember is that the kids will need to find things they can do apart from other siblings. Having them work toward a get-a-way with mom for ice cream is just as important for them as it is for you.

     You may not be able to cure the summer blues completely during the school break, but at least you can get them to help cut back on some of the extra work they will be creating around the house.

     When I ran a daycare, I use to turn up the music and we’d dance while we cleaned. It was fun for all and the toys would get put away without any fuss. At the end of a busy work day, it’s hard to unwind while visions of meal prep, house cleaning and getting kids ready for bed rush through your head. But if you can take fifteen minutes to turn on the music, and have the kids take one task on your long list of things to do. It could benefit everyone, not to mention adding some fun to your children’s memories.

You’re not alone,


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