Dealing with The Road Blocks in Front of Your Kids

October 31, 2013 by igniter8503  
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This article is about trying to help your kids going threw child custody arrangements or family court. I have been going threw it with my daughter for ten years now. It has been a everyday struggle going in and out of family court or dealing with how it effects my daughter.
I can see how it changes her all the time. It has been a long trip threw it all and I still got a long road ahead of me. But I have found some tips on dealing with it a long the way. So I am going to try share them with you. So you don’t make the same mistake.

About myself

Let my start out by telling you nobody can really tell you how child custody arrangements is going to effect your kids and you everyone gets effected differently. It a long road a head and you should be proud of yourself for standing up and being a parent. Not many people do it now these days. It is easier just to give up that is what most people do!!!!!

So I am proud of you actually standing up ad being in your kids life. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a father of two great daughters one is 6 and the other is 10. The mother of the six year old we are together and married. We are doing great. The mother of my 10 year old we split up when she was born. She cheated on me and was always to busy parting then taking care of her responsibility. So I got custody of my daughter since was born. It took a year and half battle in family court the first time I went. It made it hard to keep a job. Because every week you had to go to either court or lawyers. So it was putting a baring on my job taking so much time off. But in the end it was well worth it. I wouldn’t have change it for the world.

So don’t ever forget that you are doing something most people give up on and you are doing the best for your kids. It is such a hard road to take and a lot times you are going to break down crying because of so much stress. Keep your hopes up and keep fighting the good battle. Don’t give up it is well worth it and like I said I am proud of you. In which you should be proud of yourself. Good Job!!!

Don’t Sugar Coat The Truth

Ok lets get started out by talking about the subject I want to get too. The stress that this is going to put on your kids growing up threw child custody arrangements.Threw out the years of them growing up you are going to see how this effects them more and more. It really puts a huge weight on their shoulders going threw it all. So when you think you got it bad. Your kids got it ten times worst because their to young to understand it all.

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