Cooking with Kids

February 1, 2012 by dodolbete  
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They’ll be more than eager to eat those foods they’ve made by themselves, while it is a great way to strengthen their bond with you. What’s more? It can be fun!

I might not the person to say this as a mother, since I haven’t got any kid yet. But I’m writing as the only child I used to be, which was very unhappy for having too little alive friend to play with.

To be honest, I though school wasn’t that fun, but home was boring.  And, I don’t have such perfect relationship with my mom, but this is one of the things which I love and very grateful of about my mom; she’s very good at fun stuffs! And cooking was one of them.

Back in the kindergarten years, there were several times when we were doing just nothing, then she suddenly said, “I’ve got some flour, butter, sugar and eggs. Let’s make a cake!” After that, we did it again and again, until finally I can make my own cake without her help and gradually turned to another recipe, then another recipe again, and again.  

Although that experience didn’t turn me into a great cook, or even make me prefer cooking more than eating out, but now I still can remember how much I enjoy those times I’ve spent with my mom. I think providing your kids with such experience also wouldn’t cause any harm, and before starting to cook with your kids, there were several things to remember.

  • Ready for the mess.
  • Prepare all the things you might need while you’re cooking with the kid. You wouldn’t want to leave them alone for too long.
  • Watch and pay attention while kids do their parts, just to keep them safe. Do not ask them to do dangerous tasks, such as cutting something with knives, etc. I used to mix the dough, or separating egg yolks from the whites. Mom used to told me how make the crack in the middle part of an egg with a spoon, and also told me how to do it in another way (by making a hole on top of the egg).
  • Do not expect too much from them. They might need a little bit more time to finish something, or suddenly getting more interested in licking the mixing bowl than finishing what they supposed to do.

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20 Responses to “Cooking with Kids”
  1. Dora77 Says:

    Dear dodolbete,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with your mom.

  2. avissado Says:

    yeah cooking with kids can be fun…you need to prepare yourself for the extra clean up work, though.
    With my nieces and me cake making had become almost like a tradition every time they came to visit…now they’ve grown up!

  3. dodolbete Says:

    @ Dora: Your welcome & thank you ^_^

  4. dodolbete Says:

    @ Avissado: Sure it is. I used to cook with my cousins too. It was very fun ^_^

  5. Martin Kloess Says:

    it was great fun.

  6. erwinkennythomas Says:


  7. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Kids do love doing creative cooking. My grandkids love being in the kitchen.

  8. dodolbete Says:

    @ Martin Kloess: Yup. But not all mom even realize it. Some moms might rather let their children watching TV while they’re cooking ^_^

  9. dodolbete Says:

    @ Erwin Kenny Thomas: Sure it is ^_^

  10. dodolbete Says:

    @ Ruby Hawk: So do I, when I was a kid… not now though LOL ^,^

  11. mevlanamarshall Says:

    great share, im a kindergarten teacher. it would be very beneficial, thanks a lot

  12. dodolbete Says:

    You’re very welcome ^_^

  13. girishpuri Says:

    the happiest moments of life

  14. dodolbete Says:

    Yup… chilhood is always be the best ^_^

  15. LCM Linda Says:

    My mom never teaches me cooking. I missed a lot of fun and memory.

  16. dodolbete Says:

    @LCM Linda: But, I bet you’ve got some other fun and memories with your mom, which I don’t have the chance to experience too ^_^

  17. mr good Says:

    nice share

  18. dodolbete Says:

    Thank you bagus69 ^_^

  19. Lady Sunshine Says:

    Cooking with kids is both fun and messy. ^_^

    Good to hear from you again, Dodolbete. Hope you and your family are doing well. Will you be posting again?

  20. dodolbete Says:

    Indeed. Glad to see you’re still shinning too my Lady Sunshine. Our family are doing fine. I might going to be on and off from here sometimes, but I’ll do my best to catch up when I’m around ^_^

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