Chelsea Houska Graduated _________ School!

November 19, 2013 by StayceeLuhrain91  
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Congratulations Girl!!

“It’s a great day….. =’) =’)”- Randy Houska

Back in February, OK! Magazine interviewed Chelsea asking what her post graduation plans were and she replied, “Hopefully once I finish that I can start my own salon “.

It’s official guys…Chelsea has graduated esthetics school! Congrats Chels!! I am so happy for you!! During season four of Teen Mom 2, she began her schooling and left for a few weeks due to her living situation, but she went back and all that hard work has payed off because she is an esthetics school graduate. She is receiving tons of love and support from her family and friends. 

@ChelseaHouska: “So happy with everything and everyone in my life right now- it’s a damn good feeling. #grateful #blessed”

@PapaRandlicious: “@ChelseaHouska paths lead in so many directions and you are on the right one #awesomeweek #proudpapa”

@ChelseaHouska: “love you!”

“Awww me giving my wifey @ChelseaHouska a big hug for graduating today”-Landon (Chelsea’s Bestie)


@landiduhh: “@ChelseaHouska So happy and proud of the journey you have been on & so excited for the future girl you are going to conquer the beauty world”

@ChelseaHouska: “@landiduhh thank you babe! Love that you have always had my back (emojis)”

@landiduhh: “So happy that the traveling beauty squad is finally ready to take on the beauty world @ChelseaHouska @MNOvre10 @amanduhhblk”

Source: Starcasm/twitter/OK! Magazine

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