Being a Mother is The Most Serious Job in The World

July 29, 2013 by velqomar  
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I am more proud to be a housewife alone, do not choose a career outside the home, I think about financially able to obtain it from the house. I pursue an online business.

Being a housewife or a working mother is a choice. They have the same role, which is to be a mother, a job without any pay and is the hardest jobs in the world.

Reported by, a Parents magazine survey revealed that 92 percent of women who have become mothers agree that they have the hardest job in the world. A total of 500 housewives and working moms say that no job is more difficult to be a mother.

The majority of women agree that the physical demands that must be primed and emotional exhaustion is very heavy in parenting.

Working Mom Housewife Or Same-Same Weight

For housewives, 28 percent of them expressed once in stamp lazy at one point and was criticized for not being able to support the family financially or produce. So do not be surprised if 66 percent of them are worried about finances as the biggest concern.

As for women who work, despite having an income, they often feel guilty because they leave their children. In the same survey noted that 63 percent of working mothers have no choice but to return to work after childbirth. As many as 33 percent of mothers working deeply between job stress as well as the demands of being a good mother.

Therefore ladies, being a housewife and mother worked equally severe. Being a mother is not merely conceive and give birth, there is a huge responsibility that women carried afterward. Your mothers, your daughters, and later you have to remain a strong woman to take on the toughest jobs without this fee.

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