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February 8, 2010 by fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa  
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Becoming a mother is no easy job, and yet it is the most wonderful time in a woman life, except those two and three am feeding. Having support is very important, especially if your a single mom, always seek out help from friends and family.

Oh how exciting it is to become a mother, to have a precious baby to hold, to love, one that will wake you up at 2am, and again at 3, and hopefully keep you bonding, throughout your life time.

Motherhood, parenthood is no easy job, and yet many teenagers and young woman are becoming mothers without the assistance of the babies father, making it very difficult if there is no one else around at 2 and 3am. That is why doing your best in the beginning of your pregnancy puts you on the road to a good start, while reaching out to family and friends who have supported your decision to have a baby.

With being pregnant comes doctor appointment and different types of test. You are given blood test, urine test, and sonograms, to name a few.

The goal of your doctor is to keep you healthy and fit. If he can do this, your pregnancy should be smooth sailing, and will allow you to prepare for motherhood. Making sure you get as much rest as possible is very important, as is eating properly. Getting the proper vitamins, especially calcium, folic acids and iron in its proper balance is very important for you and your baby, so don’t dismiss your doctor’s appointment and request for blood drawn, remember your doctor has your best interest in mind. Keep in mind after the baby is born to make sure you go to your six week check up, so that your doctor can determine if your healing properly and check your vital signs.

Whether the father is in the picture or not, do not try to go it alone, friends and family will always be happy to help take care of your newborn, don’t be afraid to ask for help. A single parent has a triple roll, as a mother, as the father, and is responsible for manage your own finances, which can be difficult at times. Most large cities have “mommy” programs, and “baby and I” programs, which will help you to meet other parents, by making friends and exchanging ideas you just may find a few good friends to assist you through the process of motherhood. Trying to manage things on your own can become overwhelming, and you just may grow to resent the child so if your need help ask for it.  When you have that first child, there is no better feeling in the world when they place a newborn baby in your arms. Just like there is no other feeling like getting up at 2am and 4am to feed a hungry baby, or calm a fussy newborn. 

Babies are great, but they are a full time, lifetime commitment, I learned that from the moment I conceived my first child; that my life will never be the same. Never!    

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7 Responses to “Becoming a Mother”
  1. Atanacio Says:

    good entry

  2. 8Shei8 Says:

    Motherhood is a full time job, with no pay, no sick or vacation leave but it is a blessed gift :)

  3. Jenilia12 Says:

    That is a great boon for every women.

  4. fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa Says:

    It is indeed a life time commitment, even as a woman of 24, I had no idea of the extent of the commitment I made to conceive my son, some twenty years ago. It is not a job to be taken lightly.
    Thanx to all who commented.

  5. CA Johnson Says:

    This is really great. I am not a mother yet, but I know I will do these things when I become a mother.

  6. PR Mace Says:

    Really good post. Once you become a mother you are one for life. My problem with my adult children is I will want to fix all their problems because that is what Mom is suppose to do.

  7. qasimdharamsy Says:

    This is a really very good entry

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