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June 21, 2013 by heartily  
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Life nowadays is much harder than it was before. Technology may have offered us gadgets and gizmos that helped make life easier. But in the end, when you strip it all off, no gadget or technology can help us in becoming bolder and braver.

Woman of today are at their toughest and strongest. If they are not, they wouldn’t be able to reach their dreams in life, to be in the position they are right now. Though man and women share the same rights, we can never deny that at times, bigger opportunities are still given to men. Some people still see women as weak and incompetent.

In a world where the capacities of a woman are still questioned and criticized, they need to be continuously evolving, innovating and getting better in what they do.

As mothers…

Women are not just mothers, they can also play the role or a father, a provider a home-maker. They are not just stick to the usual household chores expected from them. More and more women are becoming single mother, a sad faith and a sad story for some, but for these women who are living a life alone and with kids to take care and provide for, life may be tough, but they are tougher.

Single mothers are usually women who were abbused, women who were not really loved by the man they have given their life or women who made mistake, but are trying hard to mend things and make them right.

As employees..

You will be surprised that a lot of women are really climbing the corporate ladder and are doing great in the things they are expected to do. Some may see women as secretaries, or other staffs that are just working behind the lime light. They stand corrected. Women can be leaders and they usually gain the respect of their followers.

As entrepreneurs…

The number of women, usually home-based mothers are going out the conventional life and are already starting and managing successful businesses or having a great career. The proliferation of online jobs were seized by many mothers. Now they are being successful in the field they love doing while being the best mother they could be to their children as well.

Women are very good in multi-tasking and are being successful in all the endeavor they are taking. Never underestimate a woman’s strength. 

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