Bad Boys and Alleged Good Girls

February 10, 2013 by Jswana  
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People are always calling Chris Brown a Bad Boy. This young man doesn’t know the true meaning………

Rihanna and Chris Brown concert, Brisbane Entertainment Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How does this happen?  The so-called Bad Boy who is also a Female Magnet.  If it can happen in real life, it happens in Hollywood, as well as the Entertainment Arena.  Usher in Chris Brown and Rihanna.  This lady had so much of our sympathy three years ago (2009) when Chris rendered her face as if she had been in a Mike Tyson fight.  Sorry thing to see and one can only imagine the angst that this could have cause her Mother and Father, particularly a Father.  Three years later and they are in a Love triangle with his new, ex-girl  Karrueche Tran.                  

Rihanna and Chris Brown concert. Brisbane Entertainment Centre. November 1st 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chris Brown reminds me of the type of young Entertainer that are cropping up who could be the results of the Culture that dominated the 80s and the 90s:  Single Mothers and/or family dysfunction and witnessing matters of abuse. This runs across Cultural lines. Chris talked about this way before he laid a hand on Rihanna, that he would never want to do what he had seen done to women.  That says a lot because even though he has a measure and a good measure of success that he has gained  and yet his  personal emotions runs amok.   Should we feel sorry for him?  Is he a Victim?  In a way, Chris could definitely  be a Victim but feeling sorry for him is counter productive.  He made a choice to hit his then Girlfriend Rihanna and men that do that are so diminished in some women and men’s eyes that they are labeled for the rest of their lives as “cowards and women beaters”. 

Rihanna, on the other hand vows that Chris is one of the best and kindest people that you can know.  He is fun to be around, he’s generous, he’s genuinely nice.  She further says that if she is making a mistake that she would prefer to find out for herself because in short, this is her life.  Rihanna is a nice young lady that seems to want to speak the truth.  Her heart really beats for this so-called Bad Boy and for all it’s impracticality, she is grown and does have to follow how she feels.

As for women loving Bad Boys there is some truth to the Myth.  Many times Bad Boys give us just enough distance to intrigue us and their actions sometimes makes them seem as if they are more free and appealing than the average Joe, without the abuse of course.  Most Bad Guys don’t beat up women with their fists though, they just drive them crazy with their antics.  It’s a passing thing, a stage that women often go through and age out of. 

Rihanna is going to grow out of her affection for this guy one day and hopefully Chris gets some help with his issues.  When he was with Rihanna in a Club over last week end and his ex girlfriend    Karrueche  Tran showed up with a date, he and his entourage left while he wept.  You know, Bad Boys are really not supposed to cry, are they? This is why Chris isn’t bad at all but in need of help.  He is crying out and for all his riches, is actually stumbling through life the best he knows how and one day all of his antics are going to pale in comparison to the Real Bad Boy, the ones  that are the most unique and free!

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