As I Lay Dying: Chapter Summaries

August 5, 2012 by Tips Guy  
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Hello! Here are some concise summaries of the individual chapters of "As I Lay Dying" by William Faulkner.

As I Lay Dying Chapter Summaries

Darl 1-1

Darl and Jewel walk towards their house. Darl works around a cotton house and Jewel goes straight through it. Cash is making a coffin for Addie, their mom. Darl enters the house.

Cora 2-1
Vernon Tull’s (the Bundren’s richer neighbor) wife, Cora, reflects upon how some cakes she was going to make to sell had their order cancelled after she had already baked them. Kate, her daughter, denounces this unfair treatment; Cora does not mind as much. Eula, Cora’s other daughter, watches over a weak Addie. Cash keeps sawing.

Darl 3-2
Anse and Tull sit on the back porch. Darl drinks water and revels in joy. Anse asks about Jewel and Darl replies that he is taking care of the house. Jewel mounts a horse, rides it, comes back, and feeds the horse.

Jewel 4-1
Jewel thinks poorly of Cash working on Addie’s coffin right outside her window. He is bitter. He thinks about how he would like to spend some time alone with Addie before she dies.

Darl 5-3
Anse hesitates to let Darl and Jewel embark on a delivery trip for Tull because Addie is weak. Jewel gets angry at Tull for his intrusiveness in the family. Jewel gets angry at everyone else for hurrying Addie to her death. Anse consents to let Darl and Jewel make the trip if they come back by the next day.

Cora 6-2
Cora watches as Darl bids Addie farewell. She thinks about Anse/Jewel’s insensitivity. Dewel Dell asks Darl what he wants, and she is ignored by him.

Dewey Dell 7-1
Dewey reflects upon a time she slept with Lafe, a worker on her family’s farm. Darl bids her goodbye and confides in her that they will likely return after Addie has died but he and Jewel are going anyway.

Tull 8-1
Tull comforts Anse about Darl/Jewel’s embarking. Vardaman shows up with a large fish – Anse tells him to clean it first. Tull leaves, and Anse stands awkwardly with Addie in the same room. Cora and Tull speak negatively about the Bundren’s circumstances.

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