An Empty World Part One

November 7, 2011 by AWJO1991  
Published in Motherhood

A boy wakes up in New York City to see everyone has vanished without a trace. While searching for answers, he comes across a note telling him it was all his fault.

The wind whistled as it was caught in the drafts caused by the large skyscrapers of the big apple. On an ordinary day it would have been impossible to hear it. Sounds of vehicles honking their horns, talking from the crowded streets, sirens, barking of dogs, and music. No matter what time of day, or the day of the year, these things were always happening. The big apple . . . the city that never sleeps.

But on this particular day . . . the city was sleeping. Just three days ago, Lance’s life was just as any other sixteen-year-old’s life. He got up in the morning and went to school and came home later to a cooked dinner his mother would have prepared. He would then run around the town with some of the guys, and of course he spent time with his girlfriend.

But that was not going to happen today . . . and maybe never. Lance stood on the steps to his apartment complex. What had happened? The sounds of vehicles’ horns were nowhere to be heard. The sound of conversations by the hundreds of people on the streets could no longer be heard. Not even the sirens he heard so very often.

He looked up and down the street to see it full of vehicles. Most of them had crashed into others while some sat on the street untouched and empty. It was as if everyone had disappeared all at once . . . with the exception of Lance. 

“Is there anybody out there?!” Lance screamed out . . . but no response came. He rubbed his hand across his shaggy blond hair . . . ready to pull it out. “Somebody!” Still no answer. 

Lance continued walking, hoping to see any sign of life. Even a dog or cat would have made him happy. But when he reached time square and still no sign . . . he knew he had been abandoned. There were always people in time square.

Was it just the city? Had it been evacuated for some reason, and he had just missed it? But he knew that was impossible for his parents would have told him. They wouldn’t have left without him. So where exactly did they go?

Lance hurried his way back to their apartment, dialing every number on cell phone, hoping for an answer. By the time he reached his empty living room, he had gone through every number, and not one answer. 

“Mom . . . dad . . .” No answer. He looked all around the room until his eyes met the television. He quickly ran to the remote and clicked the power button. The room was at once filled with a dramatic scene from a soap opera his mom had been watching. But that wasn’t what he wanted to see. He turned it on to CNN . . . to see they were on air. The camera was pointed to where the reporters sat. There was nobody there. Lance turned it to every news channel, and even the weather channel to see that they were all the same. It was confirmed. It was not just the city . . . but the outside as well. 

Lance couldn’t help it . . . he began to cry. He looked all around the house in hope to find some sort of clue . . . some sort of explanation. It was when he decided he would at least get something to drink when he noticed a note on the frigerator. He took it in his hand and read:


Lance, It is you who has brought this upon yourself, and it is you who can undo what has been done.                                                             64th floor, Empire State Building.


Lance dropped the note immediately.

Who had written the note? And how did he bring all of this upon himself. He did nothing, not to mention even warned about such an event. In Lance’s head, he knew one thing. And that was he had a long walk to make. He needed to get to the 64th floor of the Empire State Building.

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