Aging Causes Us to Do Some Crazy Stuff!

September 3, 2011 by LJ Spain  
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I am older than I used to be, like yourself. I find myself doing some things sometimes that I just can’t wait to call someone to tell them about.

I am older than I used to be, like yourself.  I find myself doing some things sometimes that I just can’t wait to call someone to tell them about.

My mom called yesterday.  We talked and talked about this and that.  Now, listen to this.  While we were talking, she brought up that she had attempted to call me, and she had spoken to my daughter who also had tried to call.  So, while we’re on the phone, I started talking about how I didn’t know where I had put my phone again.  This is common for me to lose my phone.

Well, while we are still on the phone, I am going from room to room over and over searching and searching and telling Mom, “I still can’t find it”.

Okay, after Mom and I finished talking, I looked at my phone to see if I had disconnected it and locked it, as I was about to continue looking for it.  Then it hit me!  Oh my heavens!  I was on the phone the entire time.

I called Mom back and said, “Mom, you are losin’ it!”  She said “Why?”  I said “because the entire time I was on the phone with you I was going through my house telling you I could not find my phone!”

Well, I called myself all kinds of crazy names, at what nutty things we do sometimes!  Mom and I had the best laugh out of that!  I knew she’d have something to talk about on all her calls the rest of the day!

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12 Responses to “Aging Causes Us to Do Some Crazy Stuff!”
  1. mtrguanlao Says: happens LJ! Thanks for making me laugh,lol!

  2. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Isn’t it the truth, I laugh almost every day about some nutty thing I’ve done. My mom and I used to talk as you and your mom do, but my mama passed away a few years ago. We had many good laughs over nutty things we both did.

  3. LadyElena Says:

    That is so funny. Sounds like me looking for my phone forgetting that I am listening to music on it.

    Great share – Welcome back.

  4. Suni51 Says:

    So is every one, every one is older than they used to be, but i hope you don’t sleep your night while still talking to some one. lol.

  5. LCM Linda Says:

    I did this kind of crazy stuff sometimes. Always anxious and serious in the search and then, have a good laugh at the end.

  6. Prakash Vaghela Says:

    nice sharing

  7. papaleng Says:

    funny but this situations do happens.

  8. FX777222999 Says:

    The nitty-gritty of getting older; sometimes sad, funny and happy. Nice article and thanks for sharing.

  9. PR Mace Says:

    Thanks for making me laugh.

  10. Freethinking Says:

    I really enjoyed this piece of yours. I remember we were on our way to visit my mom and we called her at a rest stop to ask if she needed anything before we showed up. The rest stop was in a town called Preble. When we said we were in Preble, mom was quick with a question….”You’re in trouble?” “No mom…we’re in Preble.” She passed away 11 months ago and I miss her dearly.

  11. juny423 Says:

    Oh, thanks for making me laugh with this ma’m…nice one :)

  12. youthinksokiddo Says:

    that happens to me when i’m wearing sunglasses! I just can’t find them.

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