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August 25, 2012 by benezah  
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I am in a situation right now I need advice on.

Firstly I do not want to think I am trying to play victim in what I am about to write. I just want people advice,and opinions. I am not perfect,and nobody else is. 

I am currently in a situation with my wife where she always thinks she needs to tell me what to do,and her mom is the same. They think I am lazy. I am not lazy by any means. I right now cannot work though through no fault of my own. I want to work,but there are certain things preventing me from doing so.

I do 99% of the cooking,and cleaning around the house,the laundry, pick our son up from the school bus,yard work,and sell stuff at a local flea market also. I also sell on Listia,and on the rare occasion on Ebay. I also help our son with his homework when he needs it. We are trying to get him to figure things out on his own now he is 9,but if he really gets stuck then I help him. Which I am only to happy to do that,and everything else. 

My mother in law assumes that my life is hers to run or it seems that way. My wife also thinks the same thing. We have constant arguments about it,and I feel they both treat me like I am another 9 year old child. When I am not. This is also causing a problem with our son who thinks he can do anything he likes,and not do what he is told,because he has obviously picked up on how I get treated. He thinks that because they treat me the way they do,and I being an adult am in more of a free role than he is, he is thinking he can do what I do.

My wife’s friend has been with us for almost a year with her daughter,and both of them are lazy,and dirty. Most of the time not cleaning up after themselves. This makes my life harder,because I am blamed for the mess when I am not. I am not a dirty person. I 95% of the time clean up after myself because I was brought up to do so.

My wife’s friend had told my wife one day to go do what the F you like about a situation which caused a major argument between us. She thought nobody would react to that obviously. I now do not talk to her friend who constantly thinks our son should say good morning to her,but not her daughter to us. So we have told our son not to bother although it goes against our good manners rule. My wife’s friend lays in her room pretty much 90% of the day telling my wife I need to lose weight.

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