A Woman Can Feel Upto 57 Del Units of Pain During Child Birth

February 10, 2011 by gaby7  
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This is the kind of pain you feel when 20 of your bones have been fractured at the same time! The Love you have for your Mother is therefore, not in vain- it is a well deserved love.

Mothers are the gems of this world. 

Growing up as a little boy many years ago, my mother was everything to me. If I ever fell down,  or face a near death situation, the name that would automatically come to mouth would be “mother”! I loved her so much I never ever thought there was any other woman so good, so kind and so favorable.

I had little friends in whose homes lunch hours would get me. But whenever I ate food that was not my mother’s, it didn’t measure, something was always lacking, either the soup was too watery or just a little below the mark, or the salt was too much or too little. I simply refused to believe that there was any better cook  than my mother.

I did not quite understand why my mother so deeply defined my perspective of goodness. I guess it was natural but now I know I was wrong and quite very wrong. Mothers everywhere are special and deserve more than what they actually get from the people they gave birth to. Do you really know how much pain your mother suffered to get you forth into this world? Or what she endured to keep you alive and happily optimistic about life?

 It has been confirmed by science that a human being can bear 45 Del (units) of pain, but at birth, a woman can  feel up to 57 Del (units) of pain! This is the kind of pain you feel when  20 of your bones have been fractured at the same time. Who else can bear this degree of pain if not your mother, who is also a woman?

Quite often I see men demean women, they abuse them and make being a full woman look like some kind of mistake. Such men either don’t have mothers or don’t understand the small God-like positions our women folk hold just by virtue of being mothers and givers forth of life with their own bodies.

You may be dead Mama, but as long as I live, I will not lose sight of those pains you endured selflessly just to make me also live. You are the best and that is why I call your name involuntarily when death is so near me.

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19 Responses to “A Woman Can Feel Upto 57 Del Units of Pain During Child Birth”
  1. Anuradha Ramkumar Says:

    A gr8 tribute to mothers, Gaby.

  2. khalida Says:

    Really nice one. thanks for writing this up :)

  3. vijayanths Says:

    Ohh that’s too much of a pain really.

  4. lillyrose Says:

    If all men were like you Gabby the place would be like heaven. Lovely post, I didn’t realise I went through that much pain four times! The body is good at making us forget child birth pain whoever I think you always would remember lots of broken bones.

  5. lillyrose Says:

    sent this to face book in the hope that my kids and hubby read it so they know what I went through!! LOL

  6. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    Nothing beats the pain of childbirth.

  7. gaby7 Says:

    Thanks Lilly for sending it over to face book! Thanks you all buddies for you kind comments!

  8. CA Johnson Says:

    This is a really beautiful article about mothers. Now I know what my mother went through when she had me and my twin sister. That must have really been hard. Thanks for sharing.

  9. DaYong Says:

    wow that is a lot of pain!

  10. lonelyplanet Says:

    A very nice share.

  11. FX777222999 Says:

    Ohhh, this article is very timely with my daugther, she is having a baby this coming Valentine’s day. Thanks gab!

  12. wonder Says:

    Yes, and the pain compared with the fractured bones makes it clear to understand.

  13. Minister Marlene Says:

    This is a beautiful post and tribute to Mothers. A great article to do again for mothers day. A man who loves and respects his Mom is indeed blessed and a blessing.

  14. Minister Marlene Says:

    This is truly heartfelt. I posted it to facebook.

  15. gaby7 Says:

    Thanks a lot Minister Marlene!


    true. my worst fear in having a child is the pain and when i see children ill treating their mothers and mother’s abandoning their child i wonder how can someone bare that pain for nothing

  17. Truth Says:

    Men feel up to 9000 del getting kicked in the nuts.

  18. Neal Says:

    If you ask me.. A very severe toothache is a lot worse then getting kicked in the nuts… And I’ve heard plenty of women saying they would rather give birth again than have another toothache (and that’s natural birth)…. I wonder what that is in del units… It’s also been proven that women handle pain differently than men. For some reason, they feel less pain. And I think it’s because of child birth. Nature has adjusted things for that reason. But this is just a theory because that can’t be proven cause a woman can’t feels a man’s pain and vice versa.
    This is a very good post though. Very nice!!!

  19. Michael Says:

    there is no unit of pain. It is impossible to quantify something that is subjective.

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