A Mother’s Love is Priceless

December 17, 2007 by CHAN LEE PENG  
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A mother’s love is truly very great and priceless!

Mother’s love is countless and meaningful. Her virtuous of kindness is hardly repaid by any precious things in this world. Her deep parental kindness in bringing us up and the hardships she has gone through will never be repaid as they are priceless. In other words, her love for her child is endless and indescribable!

Her Maternal Instinct before Delivering Her Child

In the first month of pregnancy, the life of a fetus is unstable as tough a morning dew drop on the grass. The embryo then congeals like a piece of curd in the following month.

When she is carrying the fetus, she could not sit or stand properly as the fetus is as heavy as an iron ball. Neither can she eat or sleep properly. The fetus increases in weight daily. She feels as though she is carrying a mountain.

In the third month, the fetus looks like as tough a piece of coagulated blood. The fetus gradually forms into a slightly human shape in the fourth month. During the fifth month, a head, two hands and two legs start to take shape. In the sixth month, the child begins to develop into the essences of the six senses including eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind. By the seventh month, the 360 bones and joints are formed. Following that the 84000 hair pores are complete. In the eighth month, the head gradually matures and endowed with mind-consciousness. Following that the nine apertures (two ears, two eyes, two nostrils, a mouth, the anus and the urethra) of the body are also opened. When the fetus is nine months old, she often feels the kicks and struggles in the womb, just like a vibration of earthquake. She can hardly get a good sleep, neither can she eat properly.

By the tenth month, the development of the fetus is fully developed and to be ready to be born. At the hospital, she undergoes extreme torture, great difficulty and pain for the smooth delivery of her new-born baby. For the sake of the child, her bloods flow out like a burst pipe.

Her Deep Parental Kindness after Delivering Her Child

She will only be at peace when she knows that her child has arrived safely and she will carry him wherever she goes. She breast-feeds her child and brings him warmth and health.

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34 Responses to “A Mother’s Love is Priceless”
  1. IcyCucky Says:

    I enjoy this article very much, and the pictures are fun to look at too. Great job!

  2. Judy Sheldon-Walker Says:

    Chan, what a beautiful tribute to motherhood. I am sure that your mother is very proud and blessed.
    Your honorary sister.

  3. CHAN LEE PENG Says:

    Thank you, Judy and Icy.

  4. Racer Says:

    I LOVE MY MOM , More than my Life……………..!

  5. Racer Says:

    And Very Gud Article GOOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Liane Schmdt Says:

    Beautiful article. I was an abandoned baby…so I have never known my “biological” mother…so I am so happy to those people in this world who have had the joy of true unconditional love from their “biological” mothers.

    Best wishes to all.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  7. CHAN LEE PENG Says:

    Thank you, Racer and Liane.

  8. p.v.v.prasad - hyderabad - india Says:

    This is a very good article on mother”s love.

  9. m.c.garcia-philippines Says:

    how i wish,my mom is still alive and tell her how i love her so much and thank her for being the best mom.now that i am already a mother of three kids,i realize how hard it was to look after 13 kids in our family during our childhood.salamat inay,saan ka man naroroon ngayon(thank you mom,wherever you are right now)

  10. Bincy Says:

    I LOVE my mother more than my life.It is a good article.

  11. nageswari Says:

    hi mummy

  12. shekinah Says:

    a mothers love for a child cannot be described………i love u mom

  13. Qadir Says:

    When I came home in the rain,

    Brother asked why didn’t you take an umbrella.
    Sister advised, Why didn’t you wait till rain stopped.
    Father angrily warned, only after getting cold, you will realize.

    But Mother, while drying my hair, said, stupid rain !
    Couldn’t it wait,till my child came home ?

    That’s MOM

  14. koshi_gemini@yahoo.com Says:

    i love my mother very much
    i can forgt my self bt cant my mom
    my mom is special 4 me all over in the world
    thnks mom

  15. niraj168@gmail.com Says:

    Mother is the most priceless possession, one could ever have.

    Please love and respect your mothers a lot, you never know when you might not get even a chance to do it when she departs.


  16. obaid Says:

    Nice article to aware a child about the hardships edured by her mother.Goood Jooooob!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. danish Says:

    my mum i love u so much

  18. Vikram Giri Says:

    For all the times you gently picked me up,
    When I fell down,
    For all the times you tied my shoes
    And tucked me into bed,
    Or needed something
    But put me first instead.
    For everything we shared,
    The dreams, the laughter,
    And the tears,
    I love you with a “Special Love”
    That deepens every year..

    My movely mumma.




  20. Naung Naung Says:

    Naung Naung (myanmar)
    I’m so enjoy this articles. It make warm and wake up my heard to carry of taking care to my mom who still alive.



  21. diya Says:

    I just loved it.It made me realize about the great value and importance of my mother.I have always felt irrritated and bored at my mom’s advice.But now I regret for my error.

  22. BAHADUR ALI Says:

    HI this artical is very good i love my mother inspit of all relation ship i love u mom

  23. BAHADUR ALI Says:

    i advices to all youngerster that PLZ LPZ PLZ PLZ respect this relation when it gone then we fell that what a relation I LOVE MY MOM//////////

  24. shweta Says:

    There is no comparison of mother with anything else,she’s simply the ultimate.

  25. shweta Says:

    SHE understand every feeling of yours,she knows you in and out—MOTHER.

  26. Ammar Naveed Says:

    Brothers and Sisters Please Join my Group on Facebook

    “I am Every thing when my mom is with me, And I am nothing when She isn’t.”

    This is a Small piece of Gift to the mothers who had sacrificed their Today for our tomorrow.

    Its Link is


  27. gile Says:

    thank you ma for always being there for me.i love you very much…

  28. lavanya Says:

    i love my mother very much. my mom is the best.

  29. lesibe mogashoa Says:

    i lost my mother when i was 13 years of age. Im 16 at the moment. i need her in my life and i wish she were still here. :(

  30. prashanthi Says:

    no body can substitute her place

  31. lucy medida Says:

    Nanay (Mommy), I love u and I truly, truly miss you.

  32. namitha Says:

    i love my mom more than anything in my life!!!

  33. apoorva Says:

    i love my mom…
    u r so lucky in my life…..
    when i m not wid u i fell vry lonely.

    “god is not everywhere,therefore he makes mother.”

    i luv u so much.

  34. Kalana Says:

    She is my everything.. I love too much to my mom…..

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