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February 21, 2012 by tripribadi  
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At times this holiday season as we certainly found time to visit your place of relatives or friends who are far away. Usually to save costs and eliminate the sense of longing so for sure we stay, although we did not ask the Host to give us a lift. But definitely a good host always wants to make his guests feel at home. While staying here you should follow these tips below so that the host is not cranky and irritable as we stay at home:

1. Come on Time

If we had an appointment with the owner of the house, then we are required to arrive on time so they do not wait. Because someone will feel cranky and annoyed if he waits too long. It may be the host but there are other appointments must be canceled due to waiting for our arrival.

2. Bringing A Souvenir

When the trip, time to buy souvenirs need not be expensive as long as they pleased.Souvenirs can be purchased such as food, clothing, etc.. Giving a gift is also intended that the host looked at us with positive thoughts and good. It is also a gift that can make them happy to accept it because it proves that we care about them.

3. Help out home owners

We must understand if we mean when we stay home we also ride away relatives or friends. Therefore, we must help the owner of the house in the clean-up affairs.Usually the owner of the house refused if we offer help with a reason to make guests feel comfortable. However, we must continue to help them even if they refuse. It aims to see if we do not just want to have fun there.

4. Maintain Hygiene

Hygiene is the main thing to note. The Lord of The house is definitely not like that especially if it’s dirty dirty house because that in fact we are guests. Therefore, take care of personal hygiene in order to host us glad we stay at home.

5. Do not Forget to Ask for Permission

Although we stay at home kin or close friends who’ve known a long time we have to know that our position is as a guest. Normally we would do if a relative told us to take her as his own home, but do not forget we also have to ask permission if it wanted to use something at home.

6. Offer To Pay

Longing for release, usually we’ll have dinner or a trip to a place to entertain our remedy. Do not hesitate to offer to pay for food or groceries the host. This is to avoid the negative thoughts to our host. If the host refuses then we can help bring groceries ata stuff.

7. Tell your Schedule

We usually often have other events with other people our cousins ​​and friends. Just as for example we have an appointment to hangout with friends or cousins ​​we want shopping for souvenirs themselves, then we are obliged to know the host so that they do not wait until late and mengetaui wherever we go. This is because when people stay in place, the person responsible for me completely.

8. Polite dress

If we are accustomed to the sloppy dress like that. So when we stay at home relatives or friends who are rural areas we have to change the way we dress to make it lookneat and polite. This is to maintain the good name of our relatives or our friends of thefamily of negative talk in the neighborhood. 

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