10 Things Single Women Do on Saturday

July 23, 2012 by realityspeaks  
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Friday is the happiest day of the week. That beautiful feeling about Saturday being near seeps in as the sun lazily sets on a Friday. A weekend is a mini-vacation for single women. Here’s what single women do on Saturday.

Saturday is a day everybody loves. Every single woman knows that peaceful easy feeling that takes over when Friday’s gone.

On Saturday single women love to…

1. Wake up late.

2. Spend a longer time in the shower than usual.

3. Fix an appointment with a spa or a hairstylist for Sunday.

4. Spend long hours talking and playing with their pet.

5. Gang up with other single friends and go to the movies.

6. Stand in front of the mirror and decide which dress to wear for the night’s party.

7. Visit online dating sites, chat with friends online, and most importantly update their profile on Social networking Sites.

8. Shop around. Majority of single women go hunting for dresses, lingerie and footwear they’ve always wanted on Saturdays. However, most end up purchasing what’s not on their must-buy/must-have list of items.

9. Try out new recipes. Yes, single women love to cook too.

10. Talk sufficiently about their best friends and their boyfriends with their worst friends.

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19 Responses to “10 Things Single Women Do on Saturday”
  1. Jswana Says:

    Most of what you said is true that I did. Saturdays used to seem so long! Now they’re just hours, but it seemed like a day that you could really live and enjoy, especially for younger women. Thanks.

  2. girishpuri Says:

    I will not show it to my wife,,,,lol

  3. gaby7 Says:

    You are spot-on Reality!

  4. avissado Says:

    married women do lots of those things too! lol

  5. lauralu Says:

    Intereing thoughts thanks

  6. erwinkennythomas Says:


  7. samthesocialite Says:

    This is hilarious very inspiring. I’ve recently started a single girl blog as well check it out on my facebook page if you’d like. https://www.facebook.com/samanthasblogs

  8. Martin Kloess Says:

    Thank you for this.

  9. Derdriu Says:

    RealitySpeaks, In particular, it’s soaking longer in the tub, playing more with the kittycat, and going shopping. That’s so true about ending up with purchases that aren’t on the list.
    Respectfully, and with many thanks for sharing, Derdriu

  10. smokychristine Says:

    Saturdays are nice single or not.

  11. sabanawaz Says:

    great, all true but 1,8 and 9 best of best I usually do.

  12. Chris Bailie Says:

    Nice share, thank you for this. Best wishes, Chris.

  13. Anuja Deshmukh Says:

    cool… personal experience or observation??

  14. Anuja Deshmukh Says:

    great work…

  15. iva75cpb Says:

    Nice and TRUE, I did most of that stuff back when I was single.

  16. Eiddwen Says:

    A great light read ;I really enjoyed it.take care and enjoy your day.

  17. sanabam Says:

    I give my comments as good your article when reading but really appreciate your feelings of a real single woman! The problem that I do not know is the reality behind the keeping of a boy friend or a girl friend before marriage. Unmarried guys do not fear of the consequences of keeping a friend before the wedding! It will become an issue of fornication after they are out every week as loving couples at quiet times and quiet places. God may save them but not good after committing fornication. Because it is not a question of lust or jealousy if happened to my loving daughters and to my beloved spouse, as all virgins are my daughters as I took in reality.

  18. Jeff Martinez Says:

    Great article, and thanks for becoming a fan! This was a great read; all your points are dead-on.

    Please be sure to read and comment on my first published article, “Tips on How to Find a Job That Suits Your Skills and Interests.”

    Nice to meet ya!

  19. Kristie Claar Says:

    Ah, the days of being single, without kids.

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