10 Signs You Should Dump Your Boyfriend

November 13, 2010 by jerriedean  
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If you catch your boyfriend cheating that is a sure sign to dump him, but what are other more subtle signs it’s best to let him go and move on?

1.  He has never bought you a decent present.

You can defend it all you want, but if you have never gotten a birthday present, or a Christmas present or the present you have gotten was so generic it could have gone to his great Aunt…there is a reason and the reason is probably because he is so wrapped up in himself that he doesn’t take time to think about you or what you like.  Or he is very cheap, which is just as bad.

2.  He has never been polite.

Once again you can excuse manners, but you shouldn’t.  They are important and everyone knows them and if your boyfriend is not using them with you, then he feels your not worth the trouble.  From opening doors to excusing himself after bodily functions, manners show respect for another human being.

3.  He only calls for booty time

You wait for days for him to call and then when he does he wants to come over to your place.  Before you know it, it’s a booty call and he doesn’t even spend the night.  He is not emotionally invested in your relationship and you are too much so.  Time to get out.

4.  He seems to drink a lot

If every date ends up with you driving him home, he probably is drinking too much.   Every time you go out shouldn’t end up at a bar or a friends party.  This is a sign that he is straddling the line of sobriety and it will probably grow into a problem.  Don’t get dragged into that drama.

5.  He never has any money

He works and he has an apartment but when it’s time to go out or go places, he either doesn’t want to go or says he’s doesn’t have the money.  Men are proud to be able to take a girl out and want to, so if he is not taking you out, it is not because he’s broke, there is something else going on.

6.  He loves his momma, just a little too much

Men should take care of their mommas. In fact, how he treats his mother is a great way to determine how he is going to treat you, but if he is 30 and still living at home, it has more to do with a free place to stay than the love for his mother. 

7.  He hates his momma.

His mother isn’t really that bad, no matter how much he says she is.  Better to meet her and make your own judgement, and you’ll probably find it is blown way out of proportion.  If he hates his momma, eventually, he will hate you, too.  There is too much deep psychological issues going on here than you should deal with.

8.  He can’t do anything for himself.

He asks you to grab him a coke out of the refrigerator and bring it to him, he wants you to stop at the store on the way home, or he wants you to call the plumber to come fix the toilet.  He is constantly asking you to do little things to the point that you probably don’t even notice it anymore.  Beat him to the punch and ask him the next time and watch for his reaction.  You will become enlighten.

9. He is stuck in life

He has the same job, the same apartment, the same clothes for the last 10 years.  There is a lot to say about stability, but this has more to do with settling.  What you see now is what you will see the next 10 years and so on.

10.  He tells little white lies

You ask him where he has been and he tells you a friends and you find out later he was at the store.  You ask him who he was talking to and he says his mom and later you find out it was his boss.  Little white lies are different than lies that are meant to hide behavior.  Little white lies are a sign that your man does not want to share details about his life.  He probably is not fully committed to your relationship and feels your questions are an envision of his privacy. 


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