Your Husband is in the Doghouse

October 19, 2008 by Steven West  
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This is a list of 15 ways to show that your husband may end up in the doghouse.

You’re married to a great guy. He’s a hard worker, a devoted father, and contributes to all the chores in the house. Unfortunately, your ideal husband sometimes makes mistakes in judgment or does foolish things. He may even turn into a monster over time. In these cases, you know that your husband might be in the doghouse if…

  1. He forgets the 25th wedding anniversary of your marriage
  2. He invites ten of his buddies over to watch the football game and expects you to provide all the snacks and do all the clean up
  3. He starts talking about his work all the time while ignoring your work
  4. He takes more interest in himself than in his children
  5. He looks at every young woman that he meets with an inviting stare while ignoring your presence
  6. He comes home a little tipsy and mentions about the “little accident” that he had with his brand new car
  7. He accidentally knocks into your mother’s antique vase while rough housing it with your son. A million shattered pieces of porcelain cannot be replaced by a halfhearted, “I’m sorry.”.
  8. He makes fun of your cooking after you’ve worked hard at preparing a gourmet meal
  9. He walks all over the carpet with mud on his shoes
  10. He starts to pick his nose in public and fart while in your presence
  11. He buys chocolates for himself on Sweetest Day
  12. He announces plans for the summer vacation without your input. It gets even worse as he says that this is going to be fishing and camping vacation. You hate camping and fishing.
  13. He starts making fun of your weight problem when he has an even bigger weight problem
  14. He criticizes your mother in sarcastic and harsh tones. You love your mother and think the world of her.
  15. He swears in front of the children. He belittles them for any little thing that they do wrong. He blames you for any problems that the children have in school.
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  1. NA Staffieri Says:

    Me? Never! Ok, maybe #11.

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