Years are Kinder to Some More So Than Others: How to Beat The Years

November 13, 2012 by Courtlney  
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The current news is about yet another affair in the political arena involving a highly regarded General and his biographer. In taking a visual of the husband, wife, mistress (albeit adulteress), it is obvious that the years were kinder than some more so than the others.

A general and his mistress

Of course genes has a lot to do with how you may look physically now as well as in the future years.  However, a prerequisite is to take care of yourself by eating healthy, getting an ample amount of exercise and having a bright outlook on life. Also take time to rest.  If you follow these steps, you may not only look healthy, but will be healthy as well.

A betrayed wife of more than 37 years

Unfortunately, some may become lackadaisical about how they appear in public, or may even become comfortable to project the look of someone who is very tired.  Just the effort to get out and about may seem overwhelming and is a  a lot of work.  Sometimes it  may appear to take to much energy to  just put on a little make-up.

Time has a way of trying to get the best of you.  Who would know that years later, the beautiful young girl here would pale against her then homely-looking husband.

He would evolve to be the desire of and have an affair with attractive woman.

While she, on the other hand would turn out to look like a doting granny.

Men and some women even are known to be visual.  If you are a man and had a choice of the two women circled – who would you choose?

Of course when someone has cheating in his heart, sometimes how a person looks has no bearing on him giving in to his urge to be with someone other than his wife.

If the wife stays with him, some would say that after more than 37 years of marriage, her life is already etched in stone to stay with her cheating husband.  Unlike Maria Shriver, who left her cheating husband, she may have become settled and will stay put.

Advancing years can be cruel to some but there is no need to give in or give up.  That’s why I believe the choices of staying attractive, healthy and happy are choices that should not be taken lightly.  Who knows?  The marriage you save may be your own.

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