Worst Reasons to Marry

July 13, 2013 by augustus99  
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This article contains Worst Reasons to Marry.

When two people fall in love, marriage clearly be the answer. But do not be fooling ourselves, because too many people get married not because of love. If you are ready to get married but are aware that you are still confused about the feelings of love, consider again the decision to get married.

You deserve happiness in life. If there is little doubt in your head, it could be a sign that you are not ready for marriage. Here are nine reasons why you should postpone the wedding today!

1. To please parents

Indeed, parents will be happy to know that there is someone who will look after you. But they actually just want grandchildren.

2. To prove that normal sexual orientation

Whether you are trying to prove their sexual orientation to themselves or others, marriage is not the answer.

3. Help a friend who had difficulty

Do we have to remind you that marriage for the purpose of deceiving the immigration process is a criminal act? Sacrifice in vain.

4. You are pregnant

Knowing that you are pregnant is a scary thing. Especially if you are pregnant while still single, then it would be scary. In a hurry to get married before you are ready, you can make a marriage ended tragically. Familiarize yourself with the role of mother before ready to assume the responsibilities of marriage.

5. For too long courtship

You dating a man and his relationship running smoothly. He loves you and everything is fine. Do you have to be bound and get married? If you are not ready then do not do it.

6. Pay off debt

You have a lot of debt and can not pay it off. Before you marry a man who has a lot of money, understand that personal happiness can not be bought with money.

7. Since everyone is also married

So, all the people you will ever meet are married and you are still single. Avoid feeling depressed and just be yourself. Love will come when the time comes.

8. Realize the dream wedding

The allure of a fancy wedding is not inevitable, but whether it is a price worth paying for a life without love? Just ask Kim Kardashian.

9. Want to have children

Yes, wise proverb reads, “At first love blossomed, and marriage, and finally a baby,” but you might not like the conventional type of girl.

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