Why Would a Couple Remarry After Divorce?

March 13, 2013 by Jswana  
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One good reason is because they still love each other…….

Such a good question because there must have been extremely significant reasons for a couple to get a Divorce in the first place.  People do however. Have you ever noticed  that even after some people get divorced and both remarry others, that it is assumed that for some reason he hasn’t gotten over his firs wife and she hasn’t gotten over her first husband?   We’ve heard it more than a few times.

One man divorced his unfaithful wife and remarried a Carbon Copy of his first wife, only in a younger form.  He was often referred to as a man that still loved his first wife but since she had moved on, he had to move on as well.  It happens.  The second marriage didn’t last long.

One day the second wife saw a mutual friend of theirs who began to congratulate her on re-marrying the man.  She was confused because she had long given up on marriage.  She found out, to her surprise that he had indeed re-married his wife, his very first wife!  From the things that older people had said about these situations, it wasn’t that much of a surprise that he had re-married his very first wife.  It was never a Divorce that seemed to truly close that door.

This happened again with a gentleman that always said that he wished that he and his first wife hadn’t divorced and they are now remarried.  What is this?  Do some people really feel so severe about a troubled marriage that they would Divorce before seeking real help?

Good thing is that now people have Marriage Counselors to act as Buffers for troublesome marriages.  It’s more than obvious that Divorce is not the answer to a troubled marriage because Divorce doesn’t erase the love that is still in place but is only temporarily shrouded by emotional chaos. 

When two people share a common bond, have children and have invested some of the best years of their lives in a marriage doesn’t mean that they won’t make the misguided judgement to give it all up to Divorce because they cannot seem able to resolve their issues but many people just never thought that Counseling could see inside their troubles in an objective manner rather than the personal, fretful approach that the married couple experience.

Many people say that if they could do  it over again that they would re-marry over and over again.  Most people also look for the same attributes in their alternative partners so you see the dynamics involved.  Things like unfaithfulness, anger, betrayal, and hurt can definitely signal the end of a marriage.   Those very same feelings and conditions should be taken before a Marriage Counselor.  It is truly better to give that a try before we let our emotions take us over and have to do it all over again! Peace.    :)

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  1. RBB1010 Says:

    I fully agree with what you said in this article, many times a lot of hurt for the couple, the children and many other aspects of hurt avoided. A couple really needs to try marriage counseling and really try to hold their marriage together if at all possible. Thanks for a good share, it won’t let me do the like button. I’ll try and come back and give this article a like.

  2. RBB1010 Says:

    sorry…”could have been avoided”

  3. Linda Tucker RDA Says:

    One reason a lot f people get divorce in the first place is because they do not have a spiritual life. Which means it is hard for them to forgive another.

  4. marqjonz Says:

    Excellent article and a very good question to ask. I have to confess there’s no way I’d remarry my my ex and I don’t doubt she’s never wanted me back.

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