Why Women Cheating?

December 15, 2011 by nanasuwill  
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Nowadays the number of cheating by a women is increasing what causes it?

Now everything is upside down unlike earlier times. Usually The number of men who cheated more often than women. But lately, a study conducted Coffee & Company – a dating service in the UK – found that now the number of women having an affair is increasing.

What causes a woman having an affair? Here is why :

1. Vengeance
The reason she had an affair could be because they want revenge. If the spouse had an affair, she may be looking for ways to repay her lover, that is by having an affair even though it may actually replied she did not want to. Cheating is done so that the man felt the pain of being betrayed as well. And, how it may succeed.

“Men are usually less sensitive so they can not understand the pain that women feels, unless they experience it themselves,” says psychologist Bonnie Weil, author of ‘Adultery: The Forgivable Sin’.

With cheating back, a woman will feel the same score. Although she may know that her actions were not helping to improve their relationship.

2. Improving ego
Women can cheat when they do not feel emotionally connected to her partner. Could be because he felt unloved, unappreciated or ignored.

“When woman already feel ignored, feeling of a woman generally become weak and makes it easy to fall into the arms of another man who treated him with special. As with other men, he felt more appreciated and wanted,” says infidelity expert Ruth Houston.

3. Looking for Attention and Challenges
Men love competition, especially for romance matters. Because of this, a woman sometimes cheat in order to get more attention from her lover. In addition, women want to look a little bit challenge when she feels bland and boring relationship. “For example, a woman who are dating with a sweet and quiet man, would seek the man ‘bad boy’ as a spark in the affair,” added Houston.

4. Feeling Lonely
Having a lover who does not have much time to spend together, sometimes makes her feel lonely. It can also trigger a woman having an affair. According to Weil, a woman feels that her loneliness and emptiness is reduced when she meet someone with the same interests.

5. Want to End a Relationship
There was a woman who had an affair and purposely wants to known by their partner. When situation like that, usually because the woman wanted to end the relationship with current partner. “I used to call ‘exit affair’, one way to end the relationship. Men tend not to easier to tolerate and forgive an unfaithful lover. The man who betrayed usually choose the end the relationship instead of improving it,” explained Houston.

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