Why Our Marriage Has Lasted So Long

May 28, 2012 by johnmariow  
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This article explains our relationship and the things that allowed our marriage to last.

Joyce and I have been married since 1984. This article describes why I think our marriage has lasted so long. The most important reason for our successful marriage is our love for one another.   But there are other reasons.  We are best friends as well as man and wife.  We both have equal say in every matter. We make all our decisions together. We look at issues from different perspectives but often reach the same conclusion. We are able to talk about anything.  And we never go to bed angry with each other.

We do disagree on things. But disagreements are a part of marriage. We talk about our disagreements and sometimes we don’t work them out without an occasional heated argument. But the arguments release our emotions and make our bond stronger. And we both know when to walk away and cool down.

We let each other pursue our individual hobbies.

Joyce likes to play games and watches educational documentaries on TV. She also holds Christian Chat sessions and Art sessions at a local nursing home. She is a Eucharistic minister and delivers Holy Communion to residents of the nursing home. 

I love to write and have written many short stories which have been published on the Yahoo Contributor Network and on Triond.  I write technical articles on the electrical and electronic theory.  I like to play cards; namely a modified game of setback. The rules are the same as in regular setback except that the five of trump is worth 1 point. I play cards with a friend twice a week.

The freedom to do what each of us likes without interference from the other and the freedom to discuss any issue makes our marriage work. Joyce reads and provides constructive criticism for my stories and articles. We make decisions together about almost everything.  

Joyce is not subservient to me. She is equal to me. The reason is she has to live with every decision made. Therefore she has the right to talk with me about all decisions. She often influences our decisions. 

The best example of the way Joyce and I work together is this article which Joyce read and added her viewpoints to before it was published.  

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  1. momofplenty Says:

    Great article, the ability to live separate, yet equal and combined lives does keep a relationship going. My hubby and I are the same way. He can do what he wants, I do what I want and we both work towards common goals and both raise the children.

  2. sabanawaz Says:

    great share

  3. Pahul12 Says:


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