Why Do Women Cheat on Their Husbands?

August 30, 2010 by achilles2010  
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Why some married women turn unfaithful; and thus sow the seeds of weeds into her well cultivated land of marriage? Why do they have to cheat their spouses? It is one question, which has always perplexed many unsuspecting husbands.

Women make a cuckold of their husbands; and this is not something new. Women have been cheating their husbands from the beginning. Decades ago few women rarely did it. However, now married women are likely to cheat more than before.  

It is not uncommon to see men and women working together in offices turning into fickle friends. Soon their harmless relationship crosses all limits; and if this happens, then husband is bound to hear the adulterous squeaks of her marital bed. It spells disaster for them both. It is a sure sign that the marriage would break.

Women cheat their husbands for a variety of reasons. The men who take their wives for granted. They think that their wives are only for cooking, house cleaning and child rearing activities. Their wives are more likely to cheat them.

However, there are women married to good men, who care for their wife, give them enough love, yet their wife cheat. It is because they are never satisfied with the money and other material things their husbands provide. Such characterless wives cheat their husbands only for the sake of sexual excitement.

Men or women both cheat the way they eat a piece of cake though they are not hungry. They eat it because it looks good. In marriage they cheat because someone looks more attractive and appetizing than their spouses.

All women want something that would boost their self-esteem. They seek sex outside marriage if their husband neglects them; and, then they want to assure themselves that they are still beautiful and desirable.

Some men do not understand what marriage means to a woman. It is something more than a mere physical relationship; something more than an involvement; they want in it a dash of romance too. It is the romance, which enlivens the marriage. Most women seek sex outside marriage because they are lonely and they need a more real relationship.

To some women cheating is a sweetest form of revenge if they ever find out that their husband had been indiscreet. Lipstick on his collar, a condom in his pocket will surely make her embark upon an affair. Then, none, but self the man will have to blame.

Some women do it simply for the sake of thrill. It is true all marriages turn stale after sometime, especially after children arrive on the scene. She goes out to seek sex to relive those moments she had experienced initially. Once she finds that spark somewhere else; she no longer wants to rekindle it; especially in her own marital bed in company of her husband.

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9 Responses to “Why Do Women Cheat on Their Husbands?”
  1. Uma Shankari Says:

    Quite insightful…

  2. GodsGrace Says:

    New info for me

  3. raj Says:

    general info.
    I think need more insight and let\’s not forget that we can\’t generalise people on this basis.
    each individual is … well, an individual.

  4. achilles2010 Says:

    Raj this article is about women who cheat and not about those who don’t cheat. All those women who don’t cheat deserve respect and they needn’t be dragged into this needlessly.

  5. akira14 Says:

    women cheat because usually men don’t appreciate them..

  6. achilles2010 Says:

    Yes Akira this too is one of the reason. However, I have mostly seen women cheat good men; bad men cheat them.

  7. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    Some people don’t love their spouse-they only love themselves. Good insights.

  8. hosariwi Says:

    Excessive sex drive on the part of the wife might also be a contributor. I fully agree with all your points.


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