What’s More Important, The Marriage or The Child?

March 4, 2013 by Jswana  
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Maybe importance isn’t the best word when all are equally important, but……

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Sometimes when people say certain things, it becomes a matter of concern as to what they meant. In this case a woman said that her marriage was more important than the child.  Of course, this was a big dialogue opener.  Everyone was throwing their opinions in.

Most people saw this as a vain or maybe even uncaring statement.  For some reason though, it sounds reasonable.  It is the kind of thing however, that you may wonder why anyone would even want to bring up.  Truth is, the Parents loved their child dearly.  They also felt that a healthy marriage equaled a healthy relationship witnessed by the Child and in result, a healthy child!

It’s very hard to tell another person how to think, so when we ridicule what they have said by the way it sounded to us, seems a little opinionated and it seems to make much adoo about something that doesn’t concern you.  Two people can spoil a child and give that child everything they want but a child’s cognitive abilities are growing each day and if it’s dysfunction in a marriage or amongst the pair that are raising them, will give them their first glimpse as to how life is supposed to lived.

A child has only one time to be a child and that is a time when they should see the world as a nice place to be and if parents are involved, he is not going to look at any other two people the way he looks at them.  If a couple truly love each other, this will be conveyed to the child.  If two people have hit some bumps in life, but decide that they will stay together for the sake of the child, that could be conveyed as well.  For the lady to say it, seemed a little plain-spoken and uncaring but when you look at it, it’s true when you see it this way.  Parents are the leaders of any family and their examples set are more important than anything.   Let’s assume that’s what she really meant! Peace.

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4 Responses to “What’s More Important, The Marriage or The Child?”
  1. RBB1010 Says:

    The child needs the best, with kindness and love, good share.

  2. RBB1010 Says:

    The child needs the best, with kindness and love. Thanks for a good share.

  3. Lisa Marie Mottert Says:

    I agree…good write up Jswana:)

  4. carissimi Says:

    Such a difficult subject to address. I believe it depends on the situation. GReat share.

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