What`s Happen with Marriage of Markus Horison-kiki Maulana?

December 13, 2012 by freezztech  
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Finally, Kiki Amelia is filling for divorce from her husband.

The rumour of Markus Horison-Kiki Amelia marriage

many information about their marriage life…After Markus Horison (ex national team goalkeeper) lost his position in national team and didn`t get any club after PSMS Medan, the rumour about his marriage with his wife become hotter..

Especially when Kiki Amelia once again involve in entertainment world..and the rumour that the couple have financial problems is stronger because of the new role of kiki Amelia..

And finally, the rumour is right..Kiki Amelia now is known to have filed for divorce from her husband, Markus Horison..

The religious court of South Jakarta correct the information..Agus Yunih, SH as the public relations of South Jakarta Religious court told to newspaper on Thursday (12/13/2012)

But unfortunatelly both Markus Horison and Kiki Amelia was not immediately available to give comment about the rumour or information their divorce case..

It`s sad when the marriage seems become sensation..I mean, if only about financial problem, many couple have worst financial problems than the couple…

It doesn`t mean we simplify or blame them…It`s their own decision, but maybe it`s good lesson for another..Before choosing married with someone, just ensure that you are loyal with your couple not in good time but in the worst time..

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  1. Rendi Says:

    kunjungan balik sobat
    wow that’s shocking for markus to divorce kiki amalia :D

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