What Qualities Make Up a Good Wife?

April 25, 2007 by Soph  
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A good wife is something every prospective husband wants to find. He will want a woman he can depend upon and trust fully. But there are a few other factors that men look for in a good wife.

No nagging!

A good wife is a woman who does not resort to nagging in order to get her own way. It is a very draining experience for husbands to have to deal with a wife who nags day in and day out. She may think that is the only way to get her husband to get anything done around the house, but it is likely to drive him away.


A prospective husband will want to find a wife who is supportive of him. Rather than running his ideas down and saying that she has a better solution to the problem, a husband will want to know that he has made a decision for the good of the family, rather than listening to his wife putting him down. A supportive wife is a real gem to husbands.

Right all the time?

Wives who insist on being “right” all the time will invariably come unstuck one day. Such a competitive spirit in marriage will not really make it thrive. Remember, that as a husband and wife, you are a team who bats for the same side. It may well be that the wife is right on many issues, but rubbing it into her husband’s face and telling him “I told you so” will not endear her to him.

Expresses her love

Some husbands may seem able to go for days without hearing the words “I love you” by their wives, but that does not mean that they do not still want to be shown love. There are many ways to do this. Some wives verbally express their love for their husbands. Others cook them a meal they know they will enjoy, while others buy their husbands a present that they know they have been after for some time. Husbands do not need stacks of teddy bears and flowers to know they are loved. A thoughtful gift or attitude from their wives is often proof of their loving feelings for them.

Shows respect

Wives who respect their husbands will refrain from speaking to them or about them in a critical and harsh manner. They will also be careful to speak in a loving way that will demonstrate concern for their feelings. It is better to watch what you say and to think your thoughts through before speaking, as it is not possible to retract words once they have been spoken.

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4 Responses to “What Qualities Make Up a Good Wife?”
  1. Mandrake Says:

    Loved your comments: A good wife is very rare these days unless she is compatiable to the husband. Sex plays an important part, when alone you should be able to exploit one another in private…make suggestions that stimulate one another, share the responsibilty for all action implemented.
    Like the writer of this article, beautiful, gorgeous, intelligent and converse with the language we all understand.

  2. jeannie a. Says:

    Many women make the choice of the kind of wife they want to be,as for me i choose to be the wife of all the above!!!! I really appreciate your comments.They are true!!!! A HAPPY WIFE,A HAPPY LIFE!!As for the husbands,it is a two way street,love and respect eachother. LEARN TO BITE THE TONGUES!!!

  3. Renee Says:

    I enjoyed reading the ideas of what a man wants in a wife, however, this is not such a hard deed, but what makes it easier to love a man and show him respect is having a husband that a wife can and does respect. There is nothing like the love of a happy wife,who can look at her man when he is knee deep in dog dodo and love him more than the day before. Marriage is a two way street, no one person can work it alone, it has to be a two person team. I have always said “that if a man can love God.then he can love me, because when he can love God,he will not be alone there will be a three part marriage”.

  4. Rudy G Says:

    That was very nicely said Rene. You are absolutely right to say that marriage is indeed a two way street, no one person can work it alone. God truely has to be in the center of any marriage. He is the one how will continue to bless your marriage.

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