Weekend Marriage Seminars: Should You Waste Your Time? Part One

July 24, 2013 by Gary Davis  
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Most folks would like to improve their marriage. There are a lot of ways to do that. Are weekend marriage seminars one way to do it?

It is a fact that couples get married because they want to be together; and, it is also true they want to be alone. Yet, just as soon as they return from their honeymoon, there are an incredible number of demands on them that impair their ability to spend time together. Work, family, and, the pressures of life, immediately start to pull against the ability of the couple to be together. This continues forever, waxing and waning depending on the circumstances in their life. In most families, kids become part of the forces which get between the pair. A married couple cannot just sit and do nothing if they want to protect their relationship. One very effective methodology is the weekend marriage seminar.

The weekend marriage seminar is often sponsored by a church, but, they also can be presented by a psychological group, or, a best-selling author who has developed a particularly effective “learning method”. The purpose of this article is not to champion one or another, rather, to simply mention that there are different sponsors. Where a church-sponsored program may stress spirituality, another type may suggest meditation as a tool; the needed benefit is the same from their various standpoints; it is just achieved in a different way.

The first benefit of a weekend marriage seminar is that all distractions are removed from the life of the couple. There are no phones, children, bosses, family, or, debt collectors. I know at the first one that my wife and I attended, I was a “Nervous Nellie”. It was so unusual not to have kids running around and the phone ringing, I actually got stressed.

The next benefit is meeting other couples. Many of us are so wrapped up in our lives we lose contact with our friends, and, even those we stay in touch with are too busy for much in the way of socializing. The attending couple is allowed to meet other people with similar problems as theirs. There is a feeling of camaraderie. In fact, at every seminar we’ve attended, we have met at least one “special” couple that we have stayed in touch with. Other couples bring reality to life. Their problems and insights are added to the tools that a couple can use to “heal and grow”. Further it is inspirational to see what some of the couples have overcome.

Whether it is spiritual or meditative, couples are taught (or reminded) how to take a “life breath”; how to take a break from life’s pressures; what they can do; what tools they can use to help themselves and each other.

This ends part one of two.

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