Wedding Portrait Full of Love

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Wedding Portrait Full of Love.

Marriage is built on the flame of love, not be denied to take the ark home inhabited by a couple is able to “achieve” happiness. Even though a thousand conflicts sometimes come hit mahligai household, in fact it further strengthens the attitude of maturity because true love is able to confirm the promise not to betray each other. Moreover, if the love is kindled with passion ammunition, makrifat, and loyalty. Practically, the wedding will be a sacred promise at the altar of divine love.

Glue the flame of love that two people of the opposite sex in marriage at the altar frame that divine love which if fitting to describe the two young men wedding portrait, Helvy Tiana Rosa, and Tomi Satryatomo. Moreover, from their wedding (which took place in 1995) was then born two hearts that smart even soothing heart, which Abdurahman Faiz and Nadya Paramitha. Obviously, the presence of two hearts that seemed to foster a love they can continue to grow on the side supported by building communication, trust and honesty.

In fact-as told by Helvy and Tomi Marriage records in this book, in between the two actually have a character who can barely united. Helvy jovial, humorous, sensitive, romantic and born of the culture in Aceh and Medan are expressive. Tomi is being able to say detailed, logical, quiet, serious, not romantic, and born of the Javanese culture. Even back then, before Helvy and Tomi vowed to marry was not preceded by a courtship process.

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