Wedding Color Trends for 2014

March 29, 2013 by carmine85  
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Wedding Color Trends for 2014.

Though we are only a few months into 2013, many of our marriage couples are already active planning their marriages for 2014… And since a marriage shade plan should be one of the first choices before starting other preparations, we thought we’d share what our busy-bee forecasters have expected will be the most popular and most preferred marriage shade styles of 2014.

The consensus? There’s no question that 2014 marriages will be incredibly colorful!

Blues may leadership once again as one of weddings’ most frequent colors. The “color of trust” has obtained in reputation in past decades in colors of blue-green, teal, peacock, and aqua red, but we anticipate to see more desaturated techniques of mid-tone doldrums in 2014 marriages.

Given the reputation of outdoor marriages and growing passions in durability and characteristics, natural is also major in the maps. Traditional combinations of grape and light herb-inspired chartreuse will remain popular, but anticipate great, whose reputation has increased for 2013 weddings- to get some serious love too.

Sunbaked colors will also take the top edge during the 2014 marriage year. Awesome whites are continuously losing ground to ones with heated, yellowish undertones. Orange are becoming more and more popular, and yellowish has invested the past svereal decades sporting the world of feature colors and displaying no symptoms and symptoms of reducing down.

The most expected types of light red are more innovative editions of the strawberry and “ballerina” light red we will see a lot of in this seasons marriages. Next year, marriage couples will offer more blends of green with paler light red, creating what we’d explain as an stylish impact.

Grey is the foundation of modern design… different with either heated or cool combinations; along with gives itself to unique styles, which will be even more popular in 2014 marriages. It rests part by part incredibly well with a kaleidoscope of contrasting colors, which will no question viewpoint the fashion runways as well as the marriages in 2014. And as violet is taking a take a step back in 2014 from its tremendous reputation recently, it will still be found suggested in other colors like greyish.

In summary, 2014 is going to be the smartest, most soaked marriages year we’ve seen yet. Not only will deep, focused colors take the highlight, but they’ll also be compared with other vivid shades. 2014 marriages will enhance extreme colors, surprising blends in designs and styles, even cut+paste mayhem…

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