Wanting to Marry? If These Reasons are Present, Go Ahead

July 29, 2013 by Gary Davis  
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There are red lights and there are green lights. When the light is green; don’t just stand there.

I was on leave from the service when I met my wife. My sister-in-law worked with her as fellow nurses and suggested we date. We neither one were big on blind dates, and, we neither one wanted to go, but, we did. We had two dates, both lasting until four o’clock in the morning. We talked and we talked and we talked. We were talking so fast and furiously we would interrupt each other. That’s what happens when you find “that person”"; what some people like to call your soul mate.

I had to go back to the service for another month. While I was gone, we got to know one another by letter and phone. There was no physical contact to interfere with getting to know one another. I have often felt that was a blessing. During that time, as I got to know her mind and heart, I fell deeply in love with my wife. It was different than anything I’d ever experienced; even that very wonderful first puppy love.

I think there are several good reasons to get married.

First, you can’t stand saying good night; you hate it that you have to part. You think about your partner constantly, and, you’re happiest when you’re together.

When you talk about life, your “prejudices are congruent”. What I mean by that is that you see life the same way. That may mean that you see having children as good; you agree on a particular religion; you both believe in recycling; you like the Beatles; your prejudices are congruent. Typically, one of the reasons you want to marry a person is that it is easy to talk to them about the things you love.

You love the way they see life. Their slant is fresh to you; you admire them.

You like being around their family. If you get married, you’ll probably see a lot of their family. Also, your intended was raised in that family and probably has a lot of the same traits.

You like their friends. Who a person picks as friends says a lot about them. This is just another reason to be encouraged; if they have good taste in people.

How do they act if you have a disagreement? If they are mature and willing to forgive, that it is a plus. A person who is forgiving and tolerant is a good find because; chances are they will stick with the marriage.

A personal distaste for divorce is a good thing. Whether because of religious beliefs or their own moral standards, people who feel it is wrong to give up on their wedding vows strengthen the potential union.

Basically, then, if you have got to be around them; you see life eye to eye; you have great communication; you like where they came from, and, who they hang with, you’re in business. As a bonus, if they have a tolerant personality and they have strong beliefs in marriage; that that they will go to great lengths to salvage, you are ahead of the game.

Now it is time to tell you the truth. When the right person comes along you won’t have the ability to do any measuring and thoughtful inventory; you’ll just marry them without a whimper.

The best reason to marry will be when you don’t care about reasons, good or bad, you just know you have to be with that person for the rest of your life.

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