Unmarried Chinese Women Storm The Streets Nude to Attract Potential Suitors

March 21, 2010 by gaby7  
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The pressure on young women to get married can be very unsettling.


In China, a group of women under intense pressure from their parents and relatives to marry off decided to take their campaign for marriage partners onto the streets, literally taking over some of the subways of  in one of Northern Chinese City. The women numbering about 80 stripped to the bare minimum of pants and bras in a procession on the streets with placards reading, “We Are Looking For Men to Marry”.

Many of them approached men and dished out their personal contacts as they sought to strike relationships with potential suitors. Their nude dance attracted thousands of men and it also gained an amazing publicity through out China. Some of them were quite open about the pressures they were being subjected to by their parents and relatives to marry.

In China, the one child policy has created demographic dynamics that have tended to bring about serious gender imbalances which have slowly, began to impact on the Chinese population. Men are scarce commodities compared to the women population. Most of the available men are not in a hurry to marry as they have other national service roles to play while some are occupied in the rigors of studies that take many years to complete. This keeps many women waiting for suitors who are not available and they soon begin to worry when they realize they are aging away without any man showing up.

The nude street dance by the ”Crazy Beauties” as these Chinese girls called themselves should instead be an eye opener to the Social experts in China to come out with more enabling policies in these areas. There should be interventions to stop undue pressure by parents on their girls over the issue of marriage because it is a process that starts with falling in love and knowing each other over time.  You don’t just go to the streets and get married, do you?.

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4 Responses to “Unmarried Chinese Women Storm The Streets Nude to Attract Potential Suitors”

    incredible but gr8888888888888

  2. raffy Says:

    how i wish i\’ll be there in china hahahaha

  3. Black Jazz Man Says:

    If I knew about this advance then I would be over there in a heartbeat. Those women would have no problem finding a husband in me. I’d gladly oblige. =)

  4. Patrick Says:

    Sounds fair, Taiwanese and Korean men have been flying to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia and others for years looking for wives due to their own gender imbalances and strong marriage pressures.


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