Unhappy Marriage: Reasons Why Marriage Fails

May 9, 2011 by Anuradha Ramkumar  
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A recent poll shows an alarming rate of divorce among couples; why does this happen? Why do marriages fail? What are the reasons for a marriage failure? Reasosn why marriage fails include finanical problems, sexual problems, attitude problems, etc. Find out the reason for the failure in marriage and see how to resolve it here…

There are couples who celebrate 40th or 50th wedding anniversary and at the same many couples find it difficult to cope up with just one year of marriage; why do people find it difficult to live together? 

A recent statistics by Pew Research Center and Time Magazine has found that since 1970s, there is an increase in people who think the institution of marriage is becoming obsolete. This result was based on interviews conducted among 2,691 adults. Is technological advancement and stress a main reason for an unhappy marriage that ultimately leads to divorce? Here are some reasons on why marriage fails.

Failed marriages

1. Lack of trust or suspicion 

In any relationship, trust plays a major role and this is very much important when it comes to marriage. Once you lose trust in your partner and start nagging him/her, you are getting closer to the end of the beautiful marriage relationship.

 2. No or less communication 

There are couples who have the habit of spending the money they earn without consulting their partners. Is it not a good habit if both the partners sit together and decide on how much they would spend on the household, groceries, dress materials, etc.? An effective communication is important in a happy marriage relationship. 

3. Marrying without understanding the partner 

Marriages will definitely not last long if the couples don’t understand each other. Love at first sight is very common, but before starting your marriage relationship make an attempt to know the partner. If both your interests don’t match, either don’t marry or at least make an attempt to accept others as how they are. 

4. Interference of in-laws or parents 

I myself have witnessed a beautiful and happy marriage being ruined by the ego clash of elders. Elders definitely know a lot about the world and are capable of giving healthy advices, but too much of anything is not good; this holds true for marriage relationships as well. Allowing in-laws or parents to take charge of your marriage life will end up ruining your happy marriage. 

5. Financial instability 

Love is important for a happy marriage life, but love will not last long if you don’t have adequate finances to meet at least the bare minimum needs. Food, home and shelter are the basic needs of every human being; there should sufficient finances to meet these needs. I do completely agree that there are some people whom you can never satisfy in their lifetime. 

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19 Responses to “Unhappy Marriage: Reasons Why Marriage Fails”
  1. ashan1614 Says:

    You are correct that these are major issues in marriage. As I have gotten older, I realize that too many rush into marriage without thinking about common interests and finances. With the issue of common interests, if your spouse is not someone you can spend time with doing things that you both enjoy….. well that is a recipe for disaster.

  2. Uma Shankari Says:

    Good points. Well done.

    Regarding point (3), without understanding the partner – it is worse, without understanding oneself or what one wants in life. This is the worst offender.

  3. Blaber Blogger Says:

    ..Lovely article
    it was really great reading it. . . Hope to read more and more articles like this in the near future. . .
    Keep touch

    Mr Arrogant. :)

  4. webseowriters Says:

    well defined reasons

  5. redmail99 Says:

    nice post

  6. Mark Gordon Brown Says:

    Thankfully I have a good marriage.

  7. Sourav Says:

    Hmm… Trust and understanding are the keys!

  8. nobert soloria bermosa Says:

    absolutely true…very informative but for me the very major reason is incompatibility

  9. Starpisces Says:

    very well said, there are many factors which caused failed marriage. There are couples who have separated but still staying together.

  10. Sharif Ishnin Says:

    I fully agree. There are a lot a issues to resolve before marriage and many more during marriage.

  11. Guy Hogan Says:

    I never married.

  12. fagina Says:

    Very well explained! I just can’t stop being amazed at how wonderfully and neatly you draft an article!

  13. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    You are spot on.

  14. Christine Ramsay Says:

    You have made some really good points there. I think that maybe people go into marriage too lightly. They don’t really give it a chance.

  15. yes me Says:

    No one knows all the reasons for failed marriage’s… there are new reasons growing by the day cheers

  16. SharifaMcFarlane Says:

    Each partner needs to understand the other.

  17. martie Says:

    All of your points are valid. However, I feel that the real cause of marriage failure is that people simply don’t go into it with any real commitment.

  18. LoveDoctor Says:

    These are all valid points. I would like to add that the internet as well as social networking sites such as facebook has facilitated people to meet from all around the world and as a result opened a new avenue for cheating.

  19. Sandnames Says:

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