True Love is He You? It Alerts!

January 10, 2013 by shinta  
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You are tired of the wrong end in love. Instead of expecting true love, love gained even a day. Before deciding to accept the love of a person, look at the signs, whether he is your soulmate? Here it is a sign.

  • He is your Best Friend
    While you are having trouble, first comes into your head is himself. He is good at calming your heart. Likewise when happy, you know to whom it will be shared happiness. He is always there for you in any situation. There’s no better person to fill this role than your spouse. Believe affinity partner definitely not afraid of the ups and downs of life.
  • Got a lot of similarities
    The results revealed that the most stable marriage is a marriage involves two people with a lot in common. Does not really matter what kind of similarity, but all of it is capital for the staying relationship. The secret is a true partner, when the two of you can always enjoy with all aspects of life. Do not need anyone else to make you happy. Do you already feel it? If yes, do not let him
  • Your interest is Everything
    “Love starts when someone discovered that the needs of others is as important as their own needs.” (Harry Stack Sullivan). From the body language and his demeanor during this, it is clear, he treats you as the most important person in his life, and often he is concerned with your needs rather than himself. If he’s got potential, maybe you are looking for him. Because eternal love involves commitment couples willing to sacrifice for happiness.
  • Love is not conditional
    Try to remember, if he ever pout when you wear clothes that do not suit his taste? Or you’ve dicueki, when you cut your hair without his knowledge? If yes, you should think about it again to vote for him so beloved. In fact, true love is unconditional love, couples are able to accept what it is.
  • want to Listen
    Every time you talk to him, not for a moment his attention switching. He is a good listener, able to listen to you talk for hours without feeling bored, attentive and understand what you want. So you do not have to repeat the same phrase over and over again and said, “You understand baseball, what I’m talking about?”
  • Always On Time
    For any business, he was always trying to be on time. Appointments to meet at seven in the evening, he has arrived at the place half an hour earlier. For him, the better he is waiting, rather than let you wait. Moreover, if the meeting pointnya deemed not familiar with you.
  • contact Inner
    Without spoken, you know weather can each individual heart. Although not psychic, you can read each other like minds and predict the reaction, and the partner’s feelings in certain circumstances. When you have to feel it to them, congratulations! Maybe he’s your soul mate
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