Treat Your Spouse Like a Date!

December 29, 2012 by Allen Teal  
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This article describes the steps needed to rekindle romance in your marriage by treating your spouse like a date.

Dating is such an adventurous time of discovery for most couples. Each partner is usually exceptionally attentive and caring. Special places are found to explore and enjoy. Allowances are made for imperfections.

Once the marriage vows are exchanged, the picture begins a rapid change.

It too often declines into routine and ordinary. This is accompanied with reduced tolerance and attention. The way to prevent this from becoming a problem in your marriage is to continue to treat your spouse like he or she is your date. The following tips should help you introduce some of the dating magic back into your marriage relationship.

Dress better for your spouse.

Most people try to dress to impress a date. Married couples tend to dress in comfortable clothes rather than enticing ones. Whether you are a man or woman, you can dress in a way that is attractive to your mate. This will rarely go unnoticed unless the fire has completely gone out. Make sure to add in a scent that your partner finds stimulating.

Plan nights out and ask your spouse to go with you.

Instead of asking where are we going tonight, plan an evening and ask your spouse out. Dates always start with an invitation. Your spouse will pick up on the difference between the regular married approach and the dating approach to going out. Make it special and do it regularly.

Buy an unexpected gift now and then.

Everyone likes surprise gifts. This does not have to be an expensive gift. Think about it and try to invest more meaning than money into the gift. Timing is important, too. You will do better to give a gift at a time when there seems to be no reason to give it.

Be chivalrous or allow him to be.

Women complain that men have stopped doing the small things for them. The reverse is also true. Women have stopped letting men do these things for them. Things like opening a door, taking the lead when ordering in a restaurant, and other small actions can make your spouse feel special. This is true whether you are on the receiving or giving end of these efforts.

Send flowers or leave love notes.

Do not underestimate the power of flowers and notes. A single rose on a pillow at night or a love note left in an obvious place as your leave the house in the morning can have a big effect. A bouquet arriving at the workplace with a love note included along with dinner reservations may just tip a bad day into a good one.

Be a little more touchy than usual.

People who date look for excuses to touch one another. Both touching and being touched have a profound effect on human relationships. Even an occasional extra hug can be huge. Since you are married, you may have to work hard to keep every touch from being a sexual signal. Some touches should just say that you like being with your spouse and be an expression of your affection. If you keep up the touching, the heat will come soon enough.

Find excuses to be alone away from the house or apartment.

Married couples can fall into the routine that they can have all of the alone time that they need at home. However, there is a certain excitement that can be sparked by finding alone time as a couple when out in public. Sneaking off from a crowd or being together in a place where no one knows you can provide a great backdrop for some romantic times to develop.

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    If all married couples embrace this, there will be very few divorces! Very nice article.

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