Tips That Monogamy is Not Monotonous

July 16, 2013 by velqomar  
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This paper simply want to share and discuss that our marriage is not "monotonous."

1. Renewed determination and commitment
One of the main things that became factors trigger a feeling of “monotony” is our paradigm of looking at marriage. Paradigm to grow along with our intention to marry.

If the intention of husband and wife when the marriage is a sincere intention, maintain itself, maintaining honor, channeling “potential” is halal, gave birth to a generation of brilliant then marriage would ever make its meaning is reduced. It’s true intentions as it does not automatically preclude a sense of “monotone”. But the righteous intention, if one day a sense of “monotone” it came, he could be resolved quickly.

Many couples are problematic because the initial intention of marriage was already in trouble. Then that becomes the main orientation is beauty, beauty, sexy body, property, and other material considerations. Once past few years beauty faded, no longer handsome face, sexy body turns fat, reduced property … instantaneous “monotonous” and it came hard resolved. Beautiful less what the artist, what the actors are less handsome, less sexy celebrities what, it turns out many of those who later divorced, even in the first years.

2. Create romance
Generally, “monotone” is present because life is flat. Nobody challenges encountered together, no different touches, there is no change in the atmosphere. Therefore, create a romance with him.

Melancholic romance is not always meaningful. Romanticism can also form in the atmosphere of devotion to God.

Of course, not all couples are able to “create” the romance of the model. Model is easier to do jokes, making out, and so different from the usual. It notes: different from the usual.

3. Attention to couples
If the essence of love is to give the first gift is a true lover of attention.

Attention is not only important to make our partner happy, but our attention is also given birth to our attention. Dry sense of monotony accumulated husbands attention to his wife and vice versa. His wife was doing everything alone, ranging from domestic affairs to educating children. While her husband was working all day without any support.

That would change if one of them takes the initiative to devote attention first, not demanding attention. Start by giving a gift to the wedding date. Congratulations when our children excel, if necessary, always be grateful to him every night before bed. Thank you for having accompanied in this life, thank you for educating the children, thank you for the love that he gave, and thank you for everything.

4. Maintain quality relationships and create variations
Sometimes some wives do not care how their evening monotony. Moreover, coupled with the view that it is. Not that husbands who like it does not exist. It could just as, or more. Therefore husband and wife need to take care of themselves; her body, appearance, smell, and so on.

As such, the sport is important. Keeping a healthy diet is also important. Wear perfume when him / her is important. Choosing clothes at night is also important. Often people do the reverse. When outside the home amazingly neat, but when alone with your husband / wife appeared disheveled.

Maintain quality relationships and create variations in the passing night was another key that our marriage is not monotonous. For that reason, there was a couple who buy more expensive nightgown from her clothes. Atmosphere and different style when alone as it turned out to be dispelled monotonous it

5. Pray
This point is very important, irreplaceable. Pray to Me undoubtedly Kukabulkan, so his word. Included in the household affairs, pray. Mention that you love her name in prayer, ask God to always united in kindness and love until later immortalized in heaven.

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