Three Mistakes People Make When Trying to Stop Their Divorce

March 16, 2013 by Janelle Coulton  
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Thousands of couples break up every year in Australia and it’s even worse in countries like the United States and Britain.

Every year, the divorce rate is increasing to an unbelievable percentage; why is this so? Couples choose to file for divorce for many reasons; some of them valid reasons; like physical or verbal abuse, or an addiction or an affair. But there is an even more alarming number splitting up because they have irreconcilable differences or they feel they have out grown each other and want to find themselves. Find themselves? That is the most stupid reason of all. Why people cannot find out who they are within a marriage is beyond me.

If you have been thinking or even plotting and scheming ways you can stop your divorce, then don’t hold back. If your actions actually save your marriage then how different would life be right now, especially if you were never in favour of a divorce. Your spouse had to ask you to get married; your spouse should also need your permission for a divorce. Just my opinion here; but it should be mandatory in any marriage to get marriage counseling for at least six months before any divorce papers get filed. In Australia you must be legally separated for a year; but this is still not bringing the number of divorces down in this country.

More needs to be done to encourage couples to figure it out. If he or she cheated and has another lover, fine that’s reason enough. But if they just left and are single, then you should try to save this marriage; if it’s truly what you want.

The following points out three common mistakes men and woman make when trying to salvage their marriages. Try not to commit any of these sins; as they will kill any chance of your marriage turning around for the better.

1. All talk no action: Last minute, empty promises are useless. Show your spouse with your actions that you are serious about fixing the problems in the marriage. Don’t say: “I promise I’ll never do it again.” When you say promise; people are on the defensive, they expect to get let down. Do not swear to change you ways. You should not need to swear, just do it. Again when you swear to do something it puts the other person on notice to be let down again. And I can’t say this enough; actions speak louder than words. Don’t say you will, just do it.

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