This Reason Women Do Not Blame Cheating

May 11, 2013 by spendamas  
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This Reason Women Do not Blame Cheating.

Hemm, who is wrong and should be responsible if women cheat? In mind we would probably reply: husband. Why husbands to blame and should be held responsible? In fact, the survey states that men cheat could threaten the marriage relationship, for women, infidelity (which they do) can make a marriage in which they live much easier. More than half the women surveyed stated so. While a third of women find that their sex lives with their husbands even improved since their affair (Make Women Can Save Marriage Cheating,, 05/10/2013).

For the rustic like me, this survey really confusing. Without me having to wait for the survey results, stories and facts about women cheating often stop at my nose. Why confuse? For me, marriage is the great bond, as great prophets covenant with God. Marriage is not the result of human culture Copyright: marriage is a product of God to man. There is a commitment there. And when the values ​​of binding commitments were breached just to save a marriage, my brain goblog ndadak.

Wedding affair makes them live easier I can not understand it ngeh. Or my mind is very short-sighted to sense the size of modern humans.

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