The Twelve Most Common Lies Married Men Tell

June 24, 2012 by Jswana  
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It’s amazing that women fall for them……..

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Not such a nice thing for a woman to do: date a married man.  There are some women in the world that will say that they prefer a married man versus a single one because she can be free to do as she pleases.  Actually those are dangerous people to associate with.  If they’re that blithe about a subject as serious as Adultery , rest assured the sky could be the limit on the other things they will do.  Steal your guy maybe?

1.)  Married Man:  My wife doesn’t understand me.

Reality:  That’s probably the first honest thing he’s said to you so far.  Most people don’t understand flat-footed liars. 

2.)  Married Man:  My wife and I don’t share the same bedroom anymore.

Reality:  Yes they do.

3.)  Married Man:  I’m only staying with her because of the kids.

Reality: You are supposed to, you nut!

4.)  Married Man:  I’ve filed for Divorce.

Reality: Have you seen the papers?

5.)  Married Man:  I love you more than any other woman I’ve ever met.

Reality:  He loves anything he can get his hands on.

6.)  Married Man:  My wife spends all the money.

Reality:  She’s probably working too.  So what. It’s Community Property anyway.

7.)  Married Man:  We’re separated..

The Reality:  Separation doesn’t mean Divorce. It doesn’t mean that you spent the night with your girlfriend and was allowed back in. You’re still married.  And by the way, you know you’re not separated..

8.)  Married Man: My wife never, ever talks to me.

The Reality: That’s because you have no personality.

9.)  Married Man:  My wife is cheating on me too!

The Reality: Ah Hah!  So you admit that you are a cheater too.

10.) Married Man: I don’t love her but I married her because she was pregnant…

The Reality:  There he goes again, bragging about doing something right!

11.) Married Man:  My wife never has sex with me, I mean we never have sex anymore…

The Reality:  He prefers 7 days a week, she prefers 2.  To a lying wonder that spells NEVER.

12.) Married Man:  I wish I had met you first….

Reality: Shut up….

These are the worst I have heard people talk about and even as a come on, I have heard a few of my own.  Stay informed!

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