&Ldquo;the Single Submitting Woman”

May 4, 2013 by UniquelyMe  
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“The single submitting Woman”

                I really just wanted to touch on what it means to be the single submitting woman in this particular blog. I know at times we take the word submission and correlate it with married couples. However, we too as unmarried women are responsible for adhering to submission just as much if not more than the married woman. So what does it mean to be the single submitting woman? What does she look like? Well the single submitting woman is a young woman who may or may not be courting a young man at this season in her life. She is obviously not married to a man, but she is married to God.

Women of God you are married before you are ever presented to your Adam. You are married to God first and foremost; this covenant is where you absorb the essence of preparing to be a Proverbs 31 woman. You learn true submission as a single woman by your submission and obedience to God  but in your earthly singleness. I’ve heard many times; how you treat God will be a reflection of how you will treat your husband. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Are you being submissive in your earthly singleness to the Father?

What is the single submitting woman doing daily? I’m glad you asked sister.  I can speak only in my personal walk as a single submitting woman.  I am in a courting relationship with a man in this season of my life, however we do not share a covenant/ we are not married. As a single submitting woman I am dying to my flesh every single day, every single hour of every single moment.  I submit to my heavenly Father, by being obedient to His Word. It is not about my agenda but His agenda which gives him all the glory.  Ladies you do not submit to your boyfriend, your boo, your male friend, not even the person you are courting. If you are submitted under the Father, a man of God will recognize the anointing over your life by your submission to God. It should always be more important to please God than to please your flesh. Which means studying your word, walking in obedience, speaking life into others, loving others unconditionally , yes unconditionally , absent of your own agenda, and abstaining from sex before marriage, amongst many more things.

Submission was never meant to be a negative thing woman of God. It is something to embrace actually. Position yourself to become a woman of submission in your singleness under God and when you transition into your role as an earthly wife, you will have acquired the discipline to truly love your Adam and flourish in your Godly union. The single submitting woman is designed for the absolute greatest, she recognizes her worth and place in God. She is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14). Submission is an attribute and one that is worthy of respect and dignity. It takes a lot mentally physically and spiritually to submit to anything but once you come to understand this, you will see life, love, and yourself in a brand new light.

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